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Zuora is merging services with the world of connected devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) is causing quite a stir. New devices, new sensors, new applications, new services, and new business models—the list goes on. Companies are shifting from selling devices to building long-term service relationships with millions of consumers and businesses. IoT companies are monetizing things like usage, storage, contextual sharing, and aggregated data from connected machines. But this model comes with tons of challenges. How do you price hardware versus services? How do you bundle for different categories of buyers? How do you innovate faster than the IoT market? Don't worry. With Zuora, you'll nail it.

How can Zuora's Subscription Relationship Management system help your IoT business?

Go to market fast

Rolling out new pricing and packages should be the easiest part of your job. With Zuora, you can instantly bundle connectivity and data features with your hardware offering. Create a range of plans and consumption models for consumers or clients to choose, from pay-per-use to pay-per-employee to monthly subscription.

Build loyalty

As the IoT market grows, competing devices are going to proliferate. Earn your subscribers' loyalty with a complete purchase-to-renewal relationship management system. Zuora's RBM system makes things like billing, international payments, and self-service account management super intuitive.

Get a new view of your subscribers

Use the data you grab from customers to respond quickly to their needs. With Zuora, you can go beyond basic demographics and company information. Collect data on purchases, preferences, usage, add-ons and customer moments. Our robust analytics suite helps you draw conclusions that help you optimize your sales strategy for different user categories.

Connect the globe

Zuora is designed for international commerce. Secure payments, multiple currencies, automatic rating and international tax compliance come standard.

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