Webinar | ondemand

IoT Monetization Strategies in Manufacturing

With IDC + Zuora

April 29, 2020 at 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM PDT

The manufacturing industry needs a way to quickly respond to adverse market conditions. Recurring revenue is proving to be much more resilient in tough market conditions than the traditional product revenue-based models. Manufacturing companies around the world are looking for ways to transition from a product-centric model to a service-based model and IoT promises to be the enabler of such services.

But the question still remains: how does a B2B manufacturing company implement value-added services and monetize IoT investments to adopt recurring revenue streams?

Join Zuora’s Lubor Ptacek as he partners with IDC's Research Director Mark Thomason to address this question and take a deeper dive into IoT monetization strategies for manufacturing companies. Gain insight into use cases featuring companies like Caterpillar, Briggs & Stratton and GM and explore IDC’s research on the process that successful companies applied to implement value-added services that benefit both their customers and their bottom line.

Topics explored in this webinar:

  • Framework for IoT monetization models
  • Monetization use cases
  • IDC methodology for monetizing IoT projects

Lubor Ptacek

VP of Product Marketing


Mark Thomason




Enjoy the webinar.