Keynote - Bosch Connected World 2022

The Future of Manufacturing and the Subscription Economy

Graphic of Tien Tzuo

The shift towards the Subscription Economy is the single most important trend that manufacturing companies are facing today. Between investing in automation and robotics, lowering costs of sourcing and supply chain management, all while focusing even more on customer data, manufacturers have an opportunity to move towards more direct, digital relationships with customers and away from simply selling products.

Recently, Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo shared just what it will take for manufacturers to find success in what is now a fast-growing Subscription Economy. From GoPro to iRobot–now owned by Amazon–these manufacturers are finding success in the shift away from being transaction-first to being relationship-first. They’re leveraging data to build dynamic subscriber experiences to grow subscribers and most of all, going deeper to understand customer needs in order to retain them.

Watch his keynote to learn more how manufacturers can find opportunity in a world of digital services and innovation that can transform into growing, recurring revenue.

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