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Zuora’s goal is to help our customers do modern business by reimagining how they monetize. Our unique approach combines technology and expertise to enable companies to operate in a way that is customer-centric, future-proof, and generates recurring growth. We call this approach Total Monetization.

Monetization technology and expertise developed from more than a decade of leadership in quote-to-revenue and business model innovation

Zuora customers get more than leading technology; they get a partner with the expertise who knows how to deliver real impact to their business. Each Solution below highlights challenges that our customers have faced and how Zuora has honed our technology/products to solve these challenges and deliver strategic impact.

Launch and scale
usage-based pricing

Adding a new product? Or changing your pricing to a usage model? It can be a big lift, and competitors will catch up if you move too slowly. Leading SaaS companies use Zuora to quickly add usage to the pricing mix and drive total monetization.

Launch a new subscription offering

Start small and act fast. Research and deliberation are important early in the process, but once you launch, it’s imperative to stay nimble and move quickly.

Refresh your pricing strategy

Successfully refreshing the pricing strategy for your subscription business requires two things: a clear picture of what success looks like, and a customer-first approach.

Tailor your offerings for international markets

When you’re ready to sell internationally, you’ve got to focus on the what (offerings tailored to new markets) and the how (making sure your systems can handle country-specific payments and processes).
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How to adopt Total Monetization?

Our new normal, i.e., modern business, is defined by a fundamental change in how we think about monetization. To have staying power in a competitive market, modern businesses need an approach to monetization that is both customer-centric AND future-proof. The ultimate goal: turn recurring relationships and recurring revenue into recurring growth. The right approach is one called Total Monetization: a strategy to align and evolve monetization with demand.

Offering expansion up-market or down-market

Whatever business you’re in, the goal is to grow. And often that means entering new markets. There are two ways to go with expansion: punch up and sell big deals or reach down with lower-priced products for a bigger pond of customers.

Reduce time to close

How do you ensure a smooth accounting close? Automate your transactions and standardize your processes to ensure accurate data. And avoid manual entry like the plague!

Execute cross-sell and up-sell strategy

Fast growth companies use a healthy mix of pricing and packaging levers to drive expansion strategy. A well executed customer expansion path increases Net Retention, and positively impacts company valuation.

Minimize involuntary churn

Involuntary churn is when subscriptions are unintentionally canceled due to operational glitches; payment failure issues are the chief culprit. Up to 20% of total churn can be involuntary. You may be missing out on a big opportunity by not reducing it.

The Journey to Usership

The blueprint for modernizing monetizing, and scaling your business

Business Initiatives are the tactical side of the Journey to Usership framework but there’s also a maturity model that can be used to drive strategy. Download the whitepaper now to learn more.

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