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Finance hold ups are business slow downs

You’re moving fast, launching new pricing and packaging to drive growth. Don’t let revenue recognition slow you down. You need to automate back-end tasks, quickly recognize new revenue streams, maintain compliance, and support fast product launches.

Remove bottlenecks and accelerate your pricing strategies

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Rapidly launch discounts, free trials
and bundles

Launch new pricing models quickly without compromising accuracy or compliance. Set revenue recognition rules for any pricing model, and reduce risk and accounting costs with a fully automated solution.

Overcome your revenue complexity

Apply tailored rules for ticketed events, delivered goods and performance obligations to remove complexity and recognize revenue in-real time.

Spend less time in spreadsheets

Take a centralized view of the state of your revenue, with built-in system notifications, accounting reconciliation checks, and actionable insights to continuously process closed transactions.

Understand the value of your offerings

Analyze and define SSP values, then perform allocations as necessary. Use analytics tools to uncover insights into how best to grow your revenue, identify optimal pricing structures and maximize profitability.

Improve accuracy, agility and
access to insights

Transform your finance team into strategic leaders
with real-time insights

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Focus your time on insights
and actions

Analytics help drive better revenue decisions across your business so you can tailor pricing strategies to drive growth.

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Grow revenue globally, change business models, acquire 
or divest

Manage high transaction volumes for any business model, connect your ERP to manage data flows and multi-org businesses.

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Launch data-backed
growth initiatives

Analyze revenue rollouts, identify success factors of new products, and pinpoint causes of revenue variances.

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Keep your IPO or exit strategy
on track

Automated revenue makes it easy to complete the analysis, reporting, forecasting and disclosures necessary to achieve your growth or exit plans.

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Forecast accurately with
precise targets

Make informed business decisions with revenue predictability, real-time analytics and 60+ out-of-the-box reports.

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Calculate your costs
quickly & easily

Capture and report on cost of acquisition, generate month-end reports for better visibility into revenue and expenses.

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Businesses introduced new GTM strategies 75% faster using
Zuora Revenue

Revenue streams are multiplying and competition is getting more fierce by the day. To keep up with a rapid pace of change – and continue to grow your revenue – your team needs automated, agile technology, purpose built for their needs. Whether you’re preparing for M&A or IPO, streamlining processes or launching new revenue streams, you need a solid revenue
recognition solution.

Eliminate compliance delays and close the books quick

Effective compliance processes to mitigate your
regulatory challenges.

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Avoid non-compliance penalties

Tackle your current and future compliance requirements by applying the five-step ASC 606 & IFRS 15 processes to all transactions. Ensure business compliance at all times and avoid financial misstatements whilst building trust with stakeholders.

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Protect investor confidence & safeguard your valuation

Introduce automated and systematic controls to address SOX compliance requirements, making financial statements and corporate disclosures easier. Organize data sets with an in-depth audit trail for any manual steps. Manage access control for security purposes. 

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Close books quickly so you can focus on new GTM strategies

Automatic compliance reduces the cost and length of your audit process, whilst continuous reconciliation allows your team to account for issues as they happen. Reduce time to close by up to 50%, freeing up your team to focus on growth.

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