Maximize M&A Investments

Reduce tech debt and quickly onboard new revenue streams

You’re acquiring companies to grow revenue and expand market share, not for easy system integration. Successful M&A strategies require IT teams to balance system integration efforts while quickly proving out ROI on new acquisitions. 

Bring on new lines of business

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Consolidate billing, invoicing, and reporting across product lines

Drive clarity for the business and draw insights with out of the box reporting on MRR, ARR, TCV, and more with billing & invoicing for all products in one place.

Boost ROI by quickly enabling cross sell and upsell strategies

Immediately start driving revenue across your customer base with new revenue streams through flexible bundling across new and existing products. Simplify customer experience by aligning billing dates into a single invoice.

Unify multiple different monetization models

Mix and match different types of pricing models across one time charges, to subscription tiers, to volume-based discounts, and even usage-based offering all in a single, configurable product catalog.

Scale operations as you bring on more customers

As you on board new customers from M&A, remove bottlenecks through fully automated billing operations. Even as your customer base grows, bill for complex contracts, high volumes, and across multiple geographies.

Create a fully connected stack to minimize technical debt

Reduce custom IT efforts with integrations into everywhere you do business

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Enable reps to quote for new offerings

Connect to existing CPQ and CRM systems that acquisitions might bring

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Comply with regional tax & invoicing requirements

Connect and configure requirements for tax engines like Avalara and Sovos, and meet global E-Invoicing requirements

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Route billing and revenue data directly into your ERP

Accelerate reporting and data reconciliation with integrations into leading ERP platforms

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Bring the power of your data warehouse

Streamline how you manage customer data with connectors for data warehouses, databases, and object storage platforms

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Accept payments globally

Support expansion efforts by being payment gateway agnostic, and leverage 40+ pre built gateway connectors

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Make the most of your developers’ time

Quickly connect everything, everywhere with smart APIs and SDKs to give your developers shortcut for any other integrations

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Carbonite drives M&A success with Zuora

Carbonite, a data protection company, struggled with merging systems and managing subscriptions after acquiring multiple businesses. With Zuora, they were able to reduce manual work, monetize new services across different customer segments, and reduce the time it takes to get to market.

Easily manage multiple business units by establishing controls
and governance

Configure access, processes, & reporting as you acquire new companies

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Scale with hierarchy management and configuration

As you acquire new businesses, easily configure a hierarchy structure based on how your business runs. Align organizations based on geographical location, product, or target markets to roll up reporting for different
functional areas.

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Protect sensitive transactional data

Reduce audit risk and maintain legal & regulatory compliance by restricting or limiting the scope of each user’s access to data based on their role, organizational unit,
or geography.


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Centralize reporting and analysis

Roll up aggregate data, complete with FX conversions to simplify data reconciliation for financial teams, or segment out certain orgs to have the flexibility to operate independently with their own individual accounting processes. 

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