Scale revenue accounting with automation

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New monetization mixes
slowing you down?

Revenue streams are multiplying, but your job remains the same: implement compliant revenue recognition. It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets for smarter, faster book closure, accurate forecasting and streamlined revenue accounting. 

Monetize new revenue streams without prolonging your close

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Seamlessly launch discounts, free trials and bundles

Immediately recognize revenue from any combination of products, services and subscriptions. Configure revenue recognition rules for any pricing model, allowing rev rec to take place as soon as data comes in.

Recognize delivery-based revenue in
real time

Use a rules-based engine to define revenue events for proper forecasting and automated release of revenue. Track event inputs from multiple sources and create an audit trail to enable accurate reporting and improved visibility.

Automatically Identify
Performance Obligations

Define when and how to recognize revenue with performance obligation templates, map transactions to performance obligations based on user-defined rules, and automatically expand bundled transactions.

Speed Up Your SSP Allocation

Analyze and define SSP values and perform allocations automatically. Slice and dice historical transaction data directly from your billing tool, and define your SSP across all eligible performance obligations in the revenue contract.

Free up your time with automated
revenue accounting

Invest in a solution that saves you time and grows with your business.

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Drive daily revenue recognition

Recognize revenue for any monetization mix with automated revenue rules for products, services & subscriptions.

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Calculate costs quickly & easily

Calculate revenue generation costs and automate direct cost amortization processes, for increased visibility.

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Reduce manual touchpoints
& errors

Reduce the risk of miscalculations and human errors with 60% fewer manual steps and 75% shorter processing time.

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Accurately forecast your
revenue targets

Leverage 60+ out-of-the-box revenue reports and a dashboard with real-time revenue analytics.

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Navigate all your data in a
single place

Import information from any system and use sophisticated grouping logic to aggregate data into revenue contracts.z

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Drive business value with strategic insights

Configure flexible dashboards to see how you’re tracking towards KPIs such as YTD revenue by region or revenue type.

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Businesses introduced new GTM strategies 75% faster using
Zuora Revenue

Revenue streams are multiplying and competition is getting more fierce by the day. To keep up with a rapid pace of change – and continue to grow your revenue – your team needs automated, agile technology, purpose built for their needs. Whether you’re preparing for M&A or IPO, streamlining processes or launching new revenue streams, you need a solid revenue
recognition solution.

Get it right, first time.

Minimize audit and compliance risk, and close

your books quick.

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Avoid non-compliance penalties

Maintain accurate financial statements, avoid costly errors, and build trust with your stakeholders by applying the five-step ASC 606 and IFRS 15 processes to all transactions, ensuring your compliance now and in the future.

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Close books quickly so you can focus on new GTM strategies

Automate compliance to cut audit costs and duration. Continuous reconciliation helps your team address issues in real-time. Speed up your closing process by up to 50%, allowing your team to concentrate on growth.

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Protect investor confidence & safeguard your valuation

Use automated and systematic controls to meet SOX compliance requirements, simplifying financial statements and corporate disclosures. Organize data sets with a detailed audit trail and manage access control to ensure security.

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