Multichannel Billing and Quoting

Drive revenue by moving upmarket

Embrace the flexibility of enterprise deals

Moving upmarket leads to a whole host of new requirements. Selling to the enterprise means leaning into all of the comercial levers at your disposal to maximize the impact of every deal all while continuing to maintain the growth of B2C channels.

Keep the complexity out of your ERP

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Minimize manual efforts for each new enterprise offering

Price, bundle, and launch new enterprise offerings that you can roll out across self serve, sales assisted, or partner channels within multiple currencies, all in an easy to configure purpose-built recurring revenue product catalog

Zero-touch mid term changes

In 2024 your finance team shouldn’t be relying on manual reminders to update billing contracts. Fully automate every action over the course of a contract: from adding more licenses, to upgrading entitlements or automatic renewals

Deliver accurate, automated invoices

Automatically apply local tax, currency, and language to each invoice, and align every invoice to branded, configured templates

Billing operations that you don’t have to build around

Unique billing preferences? No problem – configure bill runs to automatically run in batches, group similar customers together or set custom bill days, define special billing cycles, and specify invoice dates, no engineering work needed

Avoid leaving money on the table
with cookie cutter deals

Balance out of the box B2C offers while opening up
creative deals for B2B

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Design promotions and discounts

Create offers to continue driving new consumer business like time bound discounting or promotions

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Keep your brand consistent

Design contracts that ramp over time and bill when your enterprise customers need: annually, milestone-based, or even every
5 weeks.

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Power self service with global payments and app
store connectivity

Let your consumers pay the way they want with 40+ local payment methods through 45+ pre-built gateway connectors alongside pre-built app store connectors

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Maintain financial control for complex deals

Give sales and deal desk teams the flexibility to design compliant quotes with rules and approval flows

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Support for up to 400k payments per hour

Continue scaling self service channels with the ability to handle high volumes
of transactions

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Manage prorations, credit memos, or refunds

Make adjustments per line item and track account credits across your entire
customer base

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Box turned to Zuora when they moved upmarket

Box was looking to expand their business and enter into selling to enterprises, they needed a scalable solution to combat the complex nature of enterprise selling while continuing to support their consumer business. With Zuora, Box was able to go from a $3M consumer business, to a now $1B+ enterprise solution. 

Empower sales teams to drive
revenue with creative deals

Close bigger, better enterprise deals without the
back and forth with sales

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Give your sales team guardrails

Configure revenue rules and discounting associated with every offering so that your sales teams can remain complaint in every deal they quote, while reducing the number of ad-hoc approvals they need.

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Utilize every commercial lever
in quotes

Let your sales team take advantage of every single commercial lever at their disposal, from contract lengths, ramp periods, future add-ons, and combining services with recurring offerings so they can match the perfect offer with your customer’s price point – without resorting to straight discounts. 

Understand the financial impact of each deal

Sales, deal desk, and billing operations teams can see how each contract change impacts the overall revenue, the monthly recurring revenue, or the total cost to the customer so that there’s deep insight into how every quoting change makes a difference.

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