Accurately capture & meter usage

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Deploy audit-ready usage metering to power consumption monetization

Move fast, without sacrificing accuracy and scale when it comes to metering usage data. Zuora accelerates the way you can stand up usage meters and apply pricing with built in traceability.

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Scaleable infrastructure to easily meter usage

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Stream data from any source, in any format

Regardless of location, bring in usage data from your data warehouses, Kafka, direct file upload, or through real time streaming APIs.

Save integration time with pre built connectors for Snowflake and AWS

Use your existing data warehouses to store, stream, or export metered data without the heavy lift of custom integrations.

Normalize data without any code

Bring in data in any format, define field mapping, create consistency, and keep as much or as little of each line of data that you need.

Stream in hundreds of thousands of usage events per second

Continuously capture every single usage event with real time APIs streaming data at 200k events per second.

Quickly design meters you can monetize

Track and define meters across all of your products

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Drag-and-drop to aggregate, transform, and meter usage

Use a no-code interface to enrich, aggregate, deduplicate, map, and filter data to create meters

Apply real time rating for creative pricing strategies

Use real time rating multiple times within a meter to define complex scenarios like stacked discounts or dynamic pricing

…or bring your own code for added flexibility

Create custom meters with your own proprietary code
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Swap meters in and out of any pricing plan

Immediately use any meter for billing with flexible pricing plans like pay as you go, commitment levels, or overages

Discovering new ways to price

Track high fidelity usage data across all parts of your product and uncover the best ones to use for pricing

Help product teams manage COGs

Measure COGs, track additional meters, & uncover other insights by exporting data to Snowflake or AWS for analysis
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Meter and bill for consumption in seconds

See how Zuora reduces the manual lift for engineering teams setting up usage tracking and billing. Try out our interactive tour to monetize usage, and see how we can track and audit every step of the way.

Deliver accurate and auditable usage data

Give customers, finance, & sales teams correct, complete, & traceable data

Audit every single usage event

Guarantee accuracy and completeness for every single usage event with a real-time Audit Trail. From the time a data point is ingested up until it surfaces on an invoice you can report and audit every single step.
Build trust with your customers

Minimize customer disputes with the ability to surface usage details on invoices. Purpose-built APIs surface customers their real time usage charges and can push threshold notifications to keep them up to date.

Arm sales and finance with up to date usage insights
Alongside audit-ready usage data, finance teams have full visibility into usage even before it’s been billed giving them predictability into revenue. Those same usage insights can help sales reps spot upsells and take action.

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