Optimize Quote-to-Cash

How much of your quote-to-cash cycle today is manual? It’s time consuming and unscalable – especially as your business grows. Optimize your processes today so that you can unlock growth for the future.

Leading companies across every industry use Zuora to manage the quote-to-cash lifecycle and grow their customer relationships.

As we release new products and offerings in our business, we have very limited to no customization in setting up the whole end-to-end process. Everything flows into the revenue management system with the help of the right configurations in place.
– Chris Coutinho
Director, Order to Cash, Nutanix
Nutanix is saving its finance department 550+ hours per year with Zuora
Monetize new revenue streams out of the box.
Launch new revenue streams on the fly, from subscriptions to consumption to one-time transactions. Choose from 40+ pricing models out of the box and easily mix-and-match to quickly craft new monetization strategies.
NCR launched a new product line with a new pricing strategy in 2 months
Experiment with any pricing strategy.

Price and package offers in one catalog and push updates across channels from a central place. The best companies use Zuora’s low-code/no-code rule builder to easily create offerings and test new monetization strategies.

Box tested 125+ offerings with hundreds of pricing strategies on Zuora
Power complete processes, from quote to revenue recognition.
Effortlessly connect quotes, orders, billing, payments, and revenue recognition operations with one unified subledger for your finance teams. Price, package, and launch offers on Zuora Billing, accept payments worldwide with Zuora Collect, and automate revenue recognition for any business model with Zuora Revenue.
Siemens Healthineers

Siemens Healthineers decreased processing time by 75% across quote to revenue

Orchestrate dynamic customer experiences.
Deeply understand the subscriber lifecycle with Zuora’s Identity, Entitlements, and Access Management. Orchestrate a dynamic experience based on each subscriber’s lifecycle and drive actions across the application ecosystem.
Fender amassed 200,000+ paying subscribers with nearly a 95% retention rate
Seamlessly integrate us into your technology stack.
With Zuora’s pre-built connectors, APIs, and SDKs, you won’t have to worry about fitting us into your ecosystem. We can easily integrate with a variety of applications, such as a General Ledger, Data Warehouses, taxation systems, payment gateways, and more.
Hudl saved their IT, Billing, and, Engineering teams over 100 hours per month

Recognized market leadership across the quote-to-cash lifecycle

Recognized Zuora Billing as the industry leader in Subscription & Usage Management Applications

Zuora is Ranked #1 in the ISG Research Subscription Management Buyers Guides!

Ranked Zuora Revenue as the #1 Automated Revenue Management Product with the #1 Strategy

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