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Zuora helps educators deliver a new learning experience

New learning technologies have turned centuries-old educational institutions on their heads. Students are taking to their computers, tablets, and smartphones for instruction that makes traditional education look, well, old school. The population of online learners stands at 2 billion and growing. To succeed in the digital education world, companies need to attach the right value to content and build long-term relationships with learners. Zuora helps them do both. Our intuitive subscription system lets education changemakers deliver personalized, up-to-date curriculum on-demand.

How can Zuora's Subscription Relationship Management system help your Education business?

Speed test your pricing and delivery models

Whether you offer learning material directly to students or go through educators, testing new pricing and delivery models are the keys to creating new learning opportunities. Offer tiered subscriptions, experiment with payment terms, or use a freemium model to get new students up and running quickly.

Take the headache out of subscription billing

Running a recurring revenue business is complicated. Zuora keeps you running smoothly and maximizes cash collections—so you can focus on the teaching.

Every student has a different learning style. Get to know each one.

Zuora's analytics and reporting help you see what content students are accessing, which portions they complete, and how long they're spending with the material. You can use these insights to understand how they learn and offer them curriculum packages that match their educational needs.

Better metrics for better learning

Get real-time insights into your subscribers, as well as financial metrics like A/R and revenue. Our accounting close tools quickly summarize and reconcile massive transaction volumes, helping you keep your online classrooms open and your bursar's office collecting.

Bring your subscription business under one roof

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