Using Zuora for Good

Making the Subscription Economy Work for Everyone

We believe that one day, every company will be part of the Subscription Economy. As consumers shift their preference from ownership to usership, everything will eventually become a service. This is a once-in-a-century shift having a major impact on our society. 


Zuora.org is committed to ensuring the Subscription Economy benefits individuals and communities as much as it does businesses. We want everyone to be able to access and participate in this new economy and benefit from the opportunities being unlocked.


Zuora has taken the 1% Pledge, and is proud to leverage everything we have to make the communities where we live and work stronger.


Community Impact Grants

We recently closed our first-ever public grant cycle – thank you to all of the organizations that applied!


We’re excited to fund organizations that make the communities where our employees live and work stronger. Strategic grants will be made to non-profits and social enterprises focused on creating more equitable and prosperous communities, including those that strengthen educational foundations, create innovative workforce development opportunities, and stimulate local economies.


All grant submissions are currently being reviewed and recipients will be announced later this July. 


At the heart of Zuora.org is the work of our global employee base, or as we call them, ZEOs. Individuals from around the world have stepped up to start local Z-Philanthropy chapters and regularly create rich volunteer and giving experiences for fellow ZEOs.


The activities that are created are grown from the passions of our ZEO’s and there is no limit to the types of volunteer and giving campaigns that our Z-Philanthropists create. 


Earlier this year we hosted our first-ever Global Week of Giving, in which ZEOs from around the world developed and participated in volunteer activities both in Zuora’s offices and in our communities. 

Zuora Impact Fund

At our IPO we committed that 1% of our resources would be directly funneled back into our communities. To make good on this promise, we created the Zuora Impact Fund, in partnership with the Tides Foundation. This fund is used to disperse grants to mission-aligned nonprofits and social enterprises. 


Our first contribution of $1,000,000 is being dispersed through numerous grants funding organizations that:


  • work to bridge socioeconomic opportunity gaps
  • strength the communities where ZEOs live and work
  • are supported by our ZEOs

Ready to join us?

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