Using Zuora for Good

Making the Subscription Economy Work for Everyone

We believe that one day, every company will be part of the Subscription Economy. This is a once-in-a-century shift having a major impact on consumers and businesses alike.

Zuora.org is committed to ensuring the Subscription Economy benefits everyone. That everyone can participate and everyone has access to the new opportunities that are emerging.

Zuora has taken the 1% Pledge, and is proud to leverage everything we have to make the communities where we live and work stronger.

Zuora Impact Fund

At our IPO we committed that our resources would be directed back into our communities. Earlier this year we partnered with the Tides Foundation to make good on this. The Zuora Impact Fund will be used to fund strategic grants to non-profit organizations that are mission-aligned.

Our first contribution of $1M will be dispersed later this year and will benefit organizations that work tirelessly to create opportunity for underserved groups.

Employee Engagement

At the heart of Zuora.org is the work of impassioned ZEOs, our global employee base. We’re committed to supporting causes that matter to our ZEOs through participation in local volunteer and fundraising opportunities.

Non-Profit Enablement

We’re committed to helping non-profit organizations thrive in this new economy, and that means working with them to rethink the way that they engage with their donors.

Later this year, we’ll roll out programs that leverage our product and employee skills to move this vertical into the subscription era.

Ready to join us?

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