Supporting Nonprofits through our Sustainability Subscribed Program

We believe businesses can and should be a force for good and Zuora’s success is directly linked to our communities. Before we went public back in 2017, we took the 1% Pledge and committed to give back 1% of our equity and employee time to our communities. Later in 2019, we launched, which is […]

Two days of innovation, problem-solving, and fun at our global Z-Hackathon

Early this quarter we kicked off two days of innovation, problem-solving, and fun with the 11th edition of our Z-Hackathon where we invite ZEOs from across the globe, and across teams, to brainstorm and innovate in an environment where all ideas are welcome. Carving out the intentional space and time to ideate, code, and “catalyze […]

ZEO Wellness Days: An Opportunity to Recharge

ZEOs all over the world are able to take advantage of Zuora’s global Wellness Days, which are paid days off, eight times a year. These days create space for our authentic selves to show up, recharge, and explore in ways that are as unique as each ZEO. It’s inspiring to see the many different ways […]

Building a Culture Where all ZEOs can Thrive

Laura Robblee, Zuora Chief Human Resources Officer, and Valerie Jackson, Zuora Chief Diversity Officer, recently joined The Modern People Leader Podcast, a weekly podcast that interviews chief human resources officers, chief people officers, and other human resources experts about the constantly evolving workplace to share what’s working, what’s not, and how they’ve gotten to where […]

Three days. 420 kilometers. Fifteen ZEOs propelled with pedals and perseverance.

Beginning at our Zuora office in London and ending at the Paris office, 15 ZEOs undertook the challenge to bicycle 420km or 260 miles from London to Paris from August 31-September 2. This charity ride was in support of the UN Refugee Agency, an organization that is currently helping the more than 3 million refugees forced […]

Intern Perspectives at Zuora

Zuora’s interns bring unique perspectives and tremendous value to our business, and they are an integral piece of our ZEO team. From marketing and business development to technical consulting and software engineering, our internship program allows early talent professionals from varied backgrounds to make a meaningful impact on the success of our company. Interns join […]

Creating a positive intern experience at Zuora

If you search the internet for a background on the idea of internships, you’ll find out how the concept equates to the apprenticeship of medieval times. Imagine living with your boss until your training was completed ?…but at least they fed you! ? So, what does it mean to be an intern in today’s world […]

ZEO Wellness Day: July Highlight

ZEOs kicked off July with a global Wellness Day off, one of many we’ve introduced as a way to carve out space and time for our ZEOs to rest and refuel. There’s no shortage of ways to spend this extra time, but the thread that ties all of us together? We take advantage of our […]

June’s Look Back on Giving

Our ZEOs were busy giving back during June! From supporting Bay Area Youth to river clean-up in Japan, our teams are passionate about giving back to their communities. Check out more of the amazing things our ZEOs accomplished this past month. Customer Primacy Supports Bay-Area Entrepreneurial Youth Grant Lewis, a customer strategist on the Customer […]

Innovation Burns Bright at India Z-Hack 2022

ZEOs put forth their creativity and innovation at the recent India Z-Hack Hackathon. The first round of Z-Hack ran from May 18-26 to allow ZEOs to hack at their own pace while managing business priorities. On June 1, more than 100 ZEOs gathered in person and virtually to watch the finals live in India. The […]

Self-Care or After-Care? Bringing Intention to Your Mental Health

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month; a time for all of us to pause and consider the importance of mental health not only in May, but all year round. It’s talked about a lot, but it remains unclear to many what mental health is and how to better care for it. So with the help of […]

Welcome to Zuora: Announcing Our Chief Legal Officer and Two New Board Directors

By Tien Tzuo, Founder and CEO at Zuora  With the Subscription Economy growing 6x faster than traditional product-based businesses over the past decade, there’s undeniable momentum happening at Zuora. As a result, we’re honored to see some of the most talented executives joining our cause to help enterprises around the world embrace new business models. […]