June’s Look Back on Giving

Our ZEOs were busy giving back during June! From supporting Bay Area Youth to river clean-up in Japan, our teams are passionate about giving back to their communities. Check out more of the amazing things our ZEOs accomplished this past month.

Customer Primacy Supports Bay-Area Entrepreneurial Youth

Grant Lewis, a customer strategist on the Customer Primacy team, recently served as an executive judge at the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship’s (NFTE)  Bay Area Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (NFTE). NFTE, a global organization that works to spark the entrepreneurial mindset in youth from underserved communities across the globe, is one of Zuora’s largest nonprofit partners. 

At the challenge, the three bay-area finalists (high school students) pitched their new business ventures in front of a live audience. The winning venture, selected by Grant and the other three judges, was CredX, an engaging financial education app for students. Almost 1 in every 5 students across the country lacks access to basic financial education and CredX’s gamified app makes it easier for students to learn key financial skills and build their financial confidence in a fun and rewarding way. 

“While Zuora continues to play an active part in the youth community, it makes me especially proud to be a part of an organization that is investing both time and money into our most precious source of innovation and change, the future engineers, founders, business leaders and disruptors that dare to dream big.” 

– Grant Lewis, Customer Strategist, Customer Primacy, Redwood City

Zuora Japan Steps Up for River Clean-Up

ZEOs in Japan came together to participate in the Arakawa River Cleanup at the end of May. In just two hours, the team collected 4 bags filled with PET plastic bottles, which are estimated to take more than 450 years to decompose in landfills. Additionally, they cleaned up:

  • Litter: 6 bags
  • Glass bottles: 1 bag
  • Cans: 1 bag
  • Bulky waste: 2 pieces

Because the Arakawa River feeds into Tokyo Bay and thus the Pacific Ocean, their efforts helped battle river and ocean litter, which not only damages the landscape but also has a negative impact on the ecosystem. We are proud of our ZEOs for taking the time to give back to our planet. 

Revenue Advisory Learns about Restricted Budgets, Supports Feeding America

As part of a recent team experience, Emily Daigle and eight members of the revenue advisory team supported the nonprofit Feeding America. They began by learning about food insecurity in the U.S. and then participated in a simulation where they attempted to create grocery lists under restricted budgets.   

“This opportunity really opened the eyes of those on our team to the struggles that families here in America face. Participating in a simulation was particularly impactful as we attempted to identify the limited food items that could be purchased on such a tight budget. Sadly, this is a weekly challenge for so many.”

– Emily Daigle, Head of Global Revenue Advisory, Boston 

After the simulation, the group made customized recipe cards to help food-insecure families prepare healthy meals at home, which supports the goals of Feeding America. Thank you to our ZEOs who participated and helped support this organization and their mission!

Zuora London Takes on The Big Issue

Zuora’s London Global Service team spent the day with the Big Issue Foundation, which was launched in 1991 in response to the growing number of homeless people on the streets of London. The Big Issue is the UK’s #1 street paper and social enterprise, giving people who are experiencing homelessness the opportunity to earn an income through selling the Big Issue magazine.  Participants enrolled in the program (known as Vendors) purchase copies of the magazine upfront for £1.50 and sell it to the public for £3 – making £1.50 on every copy sold. In addition, they receive a variety of services ranging from money management and financial literacy to health, housing, and mental health support.

Instead of your traditional volunteer project, ZEOs participated in a simulation and spent the day selling magazines on the streets of London. Shuyao Zheng, a solution architect, managed to sell 9 copies of the magazine in 6 hours (which equates to £27 for the day)  and collectively, the team sold 108 copies of the Big Issue. The experience  helped build their empathy and increased their awareness of the issues homeless people face on a daily basis.

“As a new ZEO, it is great to see that Zuora inspires and encourages ZEOs in ‘turning intentions into impacts’ and provides us with a fantastic platform to give back to the community. The experience reminds us that we can all support each other no matter how small the action might be – a smile, a magazine purchase, or just an open mind to connect with people with different life experiences.” 

– Shuyao Zheng, Solution Architect, London

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