Three days. 420 kilometers. Fifteen ZEOs propelled with pedals and perseverance.

September 27, 2022

Beginning at our Zuora office in London and ending at the Paris office, 15 ZEOs undertook the challenge to bicycle 420km or 260 miles from London to Paris from August 31-September 2. This charity ride was in support of the UN Refugee Agency, an organization that is currently helping the more than 3 million refugees forced to flee due to the continued war in Ukraine.

When asked about participating in the ride, Dean Verbeek, Senior Solution Delivery Manager in London, says “It is incredible to work for a company that supports charities through ZEOs activities! It is unlikely that I would have embarked on such an epic adventure if it wasn’t for the support from Zuora, and for this, I am extremely grateful and appreciative.” The overall energy from the group was gratitude. To be able to connect with fellow ZEOs in such a unique way, to feel the backing and support from Zuora, and for the overall experience complete with beautiful scenery, a wonderful team, and doing good in the world.

“This was a very challenging ride between two historic cities in Europe and the longest cycling trip many of us will have done in our lives,” – Ben de Groot, Principal Solution Consultant, participant, and event lead.

The route looked a little like this:

Day 1: Depart from Zuora London offices to arrive in Dover. Cover more than 130km (80 miles) and conquer large hills. The day finishes with a ferry to Calais in France. 

Day 2: Take off from Calais and ride another 130km (80 miles) to the town of Abbeville.

Day 3: Take on 160km (100 miles) from Abbeville to finish at our Zuora offices in central Paris.

The dream team of ZEOs consisted of:

  • Alexander White (London)
  • Ben de Groot (London)
  • Gaurav Sonpar (London)
  • Stephen Holdship (London)
  • Shahar Laxman (London)
  • Dean Verbeek (London)
  • Emily Aradi (London)
  • Nick Miller (London)
  • Reed Sellers (London)
  • Joao Dias (Munich)
  • Blair Stengeli (Munich)
  • Stephane Dierick (Paris)
  • Bernard Wijtmans (Amsterdam)
  • Robert Crawford (Sydney)
  • Alex Fleming (Denver)
  • Amel Bouselana – media team (London)


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