Welcome to Zuora: Announcing Our Chief Legal Officer and Two New Board Directors

By Tien Tzuo, Founder and CEO at Zuora 

With the Subscription Economy growing 6x faster than traditional product-based businesses over the past decade, there’s undeniable momentum happening at Zuora. As a result, we’re honored to see some of the most talented executives joining our cause to help enterprises around the world embrace new business models.

This month, I’m thrilled to highlight three new leaders that will support our accelerated growth. Andrew Cohen is joining as Chief Legal Officer, as well as two new independent board directors: Laura Clayton McDonnell, Senior Vice President, Sales for East, Canada, and Latin America at ServiceNow, Inc., and Amy Guggenheim Shenkan, a Senior Advisor to Altamont Capital Partners.

Laura and Amy contribute new, critical external perspectives to Zuora, with specific expertise scaling the world’s fastest-growing companies. As a seasoned sales leader, Laura has a thorough comprehension of enterprise customers and brings experience as a former in-house lawyer for Apple, Cisco, and Sun Microsystems. Amy has a proven track record of guiding businesses to excellence, with her presence on the boards of Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Incorporated, portfolio companies of Altamont Capital Partners, and the Global Advisory Board of Harvard Business School. Roles at leaders such as McKinsey & Company, Inc., Preview Travel, and Wells Fargo have also engaged her in how companies are innovating with new business models and launching digital services.

Adding to our executive team of ZEOs, Andrew will succeed our former (and first) General Counsel, Jennifer Pileggi, as she enters retirement. While the demand to unlock new revenue streams with Zuora continues, a strong legal team helps ensure that we scale responsibly while mitigating our risk. After six years at Zuora, I’m thankful for the legal team Jennifer established in our early days, and know Andrew is the right leader to take over our global legal, regulatory, and compliance teams.

With a focus on high-growth technology enterprises, from private to public and Fortune 500 companies, Andrew brings experience from Pivotal, where he joined at the company’s formation, then took through its IPO, time as a public company, and its eventual 2019 acquisition by VMware. Immediately prior to Zuora, he was a Founder and Chief Legal Officer at software incubator Geometer, alongside former Pivotal CEO Rob Mee. He also spent time at EMC Corporation as VP, Assistant General Counsel.

Beyond his technical expertise, Andrew’s passion for mentorship is a strong complement to Zuora’s own people-first approach. In fact, he’s mentored a number of individuals who have also gone on to become General Counsels. We look forward to Andrew’s dedication to our ZEOs on our legal team and beyond.

Welcome to the team!

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