Two days of innovation, problem-solving, and fun at our global Z-Hackathon

Two days of innovation, problem-solving, and fun at our global Z-Hackathon

Early this quarter we kicked off two days of innovation, problem-solving, and fun with the 11th edition of our Z-Hackathon where we invite ZEOs from across the globe, and across teams, to brainstorm and innovate in an environment where all ideas are welcome. Carving out the intentional space and time to ideate, code, and “catalyze what’s next” (one of our core values),  helps drive our culture of product innovation and a mindset of problem-solving among our ZEOs. 

Our past Z-Hackathons have tackled some big challenges resulting in prototypes of new product features and new internal tools being implemented.

This year we had 56 different  teams, out of which 47 submissions were completed with a total of 141 participants who competed. Each team invested a great deal of knowledge and brought forward unique, innovative, and meaningful ideas to this hackathon. 

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2022 Zuora Z-Hackathon

Shoutout and kudos to all the winners and participants! We spoke to a few of our leaders, judges and the ZEOs who participated about this opportunity. Here’s what they had to say: 

Sri Srinivasan, Chief Product and Engineering Officer, Seattle
“Personally, this event is a highlight of my role at Zuora. I enjoy engaging with the ZEOs who participate, experiment, and innovate within this event.”

Ashwin Sakthivel, Senior Software Engineer UI, Chennai
“It means a lot to be able to learn and grow through the Z-Hackathons. I learned a new technical skill, got to know about a new customer workflow, collaborated with new teammates, and most importantly – had fun!”

Scott Ellis, Director, Engineering, Melbourne
“It’s great to see how deeply people think about their work and how our products relate to the world. It’s also great to get an opportunity to socialize and to see the great ideas people have come up with. I think it’s important to have hackathons as an input channel for innovation and as a functional creative outlet for our ZEOs. It’s part of Zuora’s excellent development culture and demonstrates how we value each other’s ideas and initiative.”

Tony Shen, Senior Software Engineer, Beijing
“One of the best parts of the Z-Hackathon was trying something new and exciting! Being able to release innovation and passion with a productive team was one of my favorite parts.”

Radhi Chagarlamudi, SVP, Software Engineering, Dallas
“This event was a great opportunity for our ZEO’s to innovate and work together to solve some tough challenges. Seeing the focus, energy level and creativity was fabulous and knowing these solutions will make an impact on our customers was the best part.”

Shakir Karim, VP, Platform Product Management, Redwood City
“It was exciting to see the amount of creativity and ingenuity with this year’s Global Hackathon. I really liked how diverse the hackathon teams were this year, with more global participants across different roles – I think it led to a more interesting mix of projects. And the outcome is exciting; a launchpad of innovation with a number of the hackathon projects now morphing into roadmap deliverables. You can’t ask for a better outcome.”

Mathangi Ramanathan, VP & GM, Product Management, Seattle
“Our Z-Hackathon brings out the creative juice within us and provides a way to think beyond boundaries, propel innovation, and have fun along the way. It was obvious from the hackathon projects that ZEOs are thinking ahead, solving real-world problems, and opening new opportunities”

? Congratulations again to the winners and to all of the participants! And, a big thank you to all our judges and to all our ZEOs for making this an exciting experience.

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