Innovation Burns Bright at India Z-Hack 2022

Innovation Burns Bright at India Z-Hack 2022

ZEOs put forth their creativity and innovation at the recent India Z-Hack Hackathon. The first round of Z-Hack ran from May 18-26 to allow ZEOs to hack at their own pace while managing business priorities. On June 1, more than 100 ZEOs gathered in person and virtually to watch the finals live in India. The main goal of the Hackathon was to trigger innovation and provide a platform for our ZEOs to showcase their ideas and creativity. We crowdsourced ideas and shared them with our ZEOs (this was to give a creative direction to the ZEOs) and each ZEOs also came up with their own ideas, which aimed to address the challenges that our customers face today and the features we would like to see in the future.

“We want to build a high-performance culture at Zuora India. This Z-Hack was intended to promote collaboration and innovation among our ZEOs.”

— a sentiment resonating among all the leaders in India.

A total of 37 ZEOS participated in Z-Hack, which included nine teams and three individuals. Beyond fostering great ideas and solutions, participants also benefited from leadership and development opportunities. The top selected teams were mapped to senior engineers, who offered mentorship and experience to help the teams fine-tune their ideas before the final presentation with Sri Srinivasan, chief product and engineering officer.

“Super proud of the India team at Zuora, especially folks who came in from college last summer. You are making a huge difference! Proud and thankful.”

— Sri Srinivasan

Three different hacks were selected as winners for their innovation, creativity, and customer-focused products. Congratulations to…

Our first place ZEO Shrey Tyagi, who participated as an individual, and also Rajesh Kumar, Pranay Garlapati, Amuthan Balasubramanian, and Aravindh Aadhithya, who participated as a team and placed second. Third place was awarded to a team of ZEOs, which included Ritesh Saini, Karan Shah, Riya Srivastava, and Deepak Singh.

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