3 Questions to Implement a Usage-Based Pricing Model

DigitalRoute and Subscribed Strategy Group share best practices for adopting usage-based pricing

Why usage-based pricing? Because it works — to communicate value and to maximize subscription revenue.

The value prop is clear, and usage-based pricing has become table stakes for both B2B and B2C companies. But how can companies successfully implement usage-based pricing?

  • In this ebook from DigitalRoute tech and customer success leaders in partnership with the Subscribed Strategy Group, you’ll learn:
  • The usage billing “sweet spot” for upselling and customer retention
  • 3 essential questions to design a usage-based pricing strategy
  • 3 common approaches to usage-based pricing
  • Roadblocks to implementing usage-based pricing, including (and especially!) rev rec
  • How to find the right usage metric for your business