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As new technology and fierce competition force businesses to rethink their strategies, join us for an insightful recap of our London event, where we uncover the secrets of business innovation. Together with leading Modern Business experts and Zuora executives, we investigate the tactics fuelling rapid growth, even in times of great complexity. Get an exclusive preview of groundbreaking product demos and cutting-edge tech advancements poised to elevate your business.

Building a recurring-growth flywheel

Keynote presented by Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo
The number one thing that modern businesses are searching for today is staying power. And the secret to staying power for modern businesses is a recurring-growth flywheel, fueled by a combination of the right business model(s), the right organizational structure, and the right technology.

Growing with customer demands

There’s no doubt customers have more choices now than ever before. To stay ahead and meet evolving demands, businesses are embracing new technologies that allow them to adapt swiftly. Join us as we unveil our latest solutions and demonstrate exciting innovations that will empower you to monetize and enhance your customer-centric approach.

Flexibility at your fingertips with Zuora’s Mediation Engine

Effective consumption pricing can result in 22% higher net dollar retention over your peers. Tap into the full flexibility of consumption based models by exploring Zuora’s Mediation Engine.

Make smarter decisions with Subscriber IQ

Access to customer data is critical. But it’s difficult to collect, and it’s difficult to understand. See how Zuora clients can unlock data and relationships for life with Zephr’s Subscriber IQ.

Unlock effortless tech connectivity

Without integration, tech can become a bottleneck for your business. Discover how Zuora’s Integration Hub can help you Click-to-Connect your tech stack.

Get in the fast lane with Zuora’s Extension Studio

Modern Businesses need to move fast and adapt to changes. See how our extended Zuora functionality allows you to configure new solutions from scratch, make them your own, and create targeted, unique solutions.

Simplify global compliance with e-invoicing

Focus on growth and risk mitigation as you navigate evolving global mandates. Discover how this is your gateway to remarkable cost savings, unrivaled efficiency, and a greener, more sustainable future.

Putting it into practice

With the help of Zuora, leading companies in various industries across the globe capitalize on subscriber relationships. But how do they do it? Listen to what our customer Aveva had to share.

Aveva: Creating flexible subscriptions to suit everyone

Aveva recognizes the importance of keeping pace with the rapidly evolving high-tech and SaaS industries. In this discussion, they explain the value of their consumption-based models, how they effectively monetized usage data, and the importance of being transparent with customers during the process.

Subscribed Connect Paris: Modern Business Accelerators

Our customer panel features Tien Tzuo (Zuora’s CEO), Audrey Hazak (SVP, Digital Customer Relationship Management at Schneider Electric), and Pascal Layan (Deputy CEO at BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions), exploring the evolution of the subscription economy and shift towards Recurring Growth.

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Best practices for personalizing experiences: A guide for digital publishers

As digital subscriptions continue to surge, user expectations for relevant, contextual, and convenient experiences have skyrocketed. Businesses need a proven approach to drive user engagement, boost retention, and ultimately increase revenue.


Successfully launch and scale your consumption business model

Aligning your pricing to the value your customers get from your product or service has never been more critical. Learn how to implement a consumption-based pricing strategy that provides flexibility for your business and customers.


How publishers can leverage first-party data to drive revenue

Amid evolving regulations and the demise of third-party cookies, subscription businesses are now in a great position to utilize first party data. Discover what first-party data collection entails and how you can leverage it effectively for your business.

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