Zuora Insights

The subscription analytics you need to run your business

Turn Your Data into Board-Level KPI’s

As a subscription business, you run on a new set of customer-centric metrics like LTV, MRR, Net Retention, and Churn Rate. But the reality of actually calculating these metrics is a complicated process and takes too long. With Insights, we do the heavy lifting by computing board-level metrics you can trust, right when you need them.

Find opportunities to increase recurring revenue

Quickly understand the drivers behind your business performance with the interactive UI

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Slice and dice each KPI across multiple dimensions

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Drill down from trends to each underlying subscriber

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Share your findings with the entire organization right from your mobile device

Forecast Churn and do Something About It

Ingest your product usage data from multiple sources to compute predictive scores that allow you to take action on what is likely to happen versus what has already happened and determine the right actions to take by user or account.

Behavioral Metrics

Compute subscriber-centric metrics like usage intensity and persona to reveal behavioral patterns, right out of the box

Predictive Metrics

Use machine learning algorithms to tell you a subscriber's churn probability and engagement score

Customer Segmentation

Monitor you subscribers across common traits and behaviors to tailor churn save strategies


"Insights has become the Swiss Army Knife of our Finance Department providing a variety of tools to cut through data, carve up metrics, slice through analysis and simplify reporting. For our Product Management group, insights has streamlined the process of getting data to the rest of our organization. Our speed of providing actionable data has increased significantly and insights is now a critical member of our team!"

- Heidi B. Newton, CFO


"Insights uncovered the patterns which lead to customer churn and gave us a predictive score tailored to our business by combining our Zuora, Amplitude, and Salesforce data. Now we're changing the way we sell to and service our customers to optimize our retention rates."

- Matt Baker, Head of Operations


"It used to take us more than 20 business intelligence reports, help from analytics experts, and weeks of work to get a single data point. With Insights, we now have a single platform to measure the health of our subscribers and identify new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities we never knew existed."

- Amy Andriano, Product Experience Manager