Fighting Churn with Data

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Fighting Churn with Data is your guide to keeping your customers for the long haul. Chief Data Scientist at Zuora, Carl Gold, provides a clear overview of churn concepts, along with hands on tricks and tips he has developed through years of experience analyzing subscriber behavior. Packed with project-based examples, this book teaches you to convert raw data into measurable customer metrics, develop and test hypotheses about churn rates, and present your findings clearly to non-technical decision makers in marketing and sales.

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What readers are saying:

“This book is a priceless source of hands-on gained insights in analyzing and dealing with churn-related problems. The case studies are pure gold.” 


  • Milorad Imbra, Software Architect 


“This book is great and it is probably the most comprehensive material around on fighting churn.” 


  • Alex Saez, Data Scientist, The New York Times


“I really loved the way the book is organized. It has taken a single problem area and has gone through it step by step explaining how data science can help us minimize churn.” 


  • Tiklu Ganguly, CTO, Mazik Tech Solutions



What readers are saying:

What you’ll learn in Chapter 1: The World of Subscriptions and Churn

  • Why churn is hard to fight 
  • What products have recurring user interactions
  • What scenarios exist for nonsubscription churn  
  • What customer behavior data is important 
  • Who has fought churn with data and won 
  • Which metrics matter in the fight against churn 
What you’ll learn in Chapter 1: The World of Subscriptions and Churn

About the author, Carl Gold:

Carl Gold is Zuora’s Chief Data Scientist at Zuora. Before coming to Zuora, he spent most of his career as a quantitative analyst on Wall Street. As the Vice President, Risk Modeling at MSCI, Inc. (formerly Morgan Stanley Capital International & MSCI Barra) and a Machine Learning Consultant to a $1 billion investment partnership, Gold applied statistical and scientific concepts to financial data. Among many accomplishments, he researched statistical models for fixed income asset and issuer risk, and created novel machine-learning algorithms to forecast stock and ETF returns. He has a PhD from the California Institute of Technology and has first author publications in leading Machine Learning and Neuroscience journals. A data scientist, he now uses a variety of modern tools and techniques to analyze data produced by online systems. Carl is the author of “Fighting Churn With Data: Understand and Combat Subscriber Churn with Data Science” to be published in 2019.

About the author, Carl Gold:

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