Zuora Warehouse - Access centralized data and powerful analytics

Author: Shakir Karim, VP, Platform Product Management

Our customers are our #1 source of inspiration. And lately, they’ve been challenging us to help them unlock the treasure trove of data that Zuora is sitting on. In addition, they also want the ability to leverage their existing data investments. We’ve been innovating and we have an approach that is unique in the industry.

Introduced at our recent Subscribed Live event in New York, the new Zuora Warehouse gives your business the power to:

  • Unlock advanced analytics to help you make better decisions – up to 6x faster than ever before
  • Blend Zuora’s data with other enterprise data sets in your favorite data warehouse
  • Democratize data access and insights with Zuora AI for Analytics

Watch now: Subscribed Live: Use our new data warehouse or BYOW – Zuora

Process fast, high-volume queries

If you’re a Zuora admin, you’re probably already familiar with Data Query. Maybe you’ve used it to build specialized queries for extracts or to build automations against the data you’ve extracted.

Now, with Zuora Warehouse, you can run queries on a massive scale and get the insights that move your business through native tools including Data Query — and, up to 6 times faster. Quickly run reports and compile charts out-of-the-box with key SaaS metrics like ARR, NRR, churn, growth, and more.

Image: Run queries and reports using live data, Zuora Warehouse, or your own data warehouse

Bring Your Own Warehouse (BYOW)

Up until now, many SaaS vendors have forced you to use their analytics or you had to do all the work to extract your information into your data warehouse — commonly Snowflake, Redshift, or BigQuery. Think complex ETL’ing with your over-demanded data engineering teams. The challenge is when your data is out of the SaaS solution, you can’t use the vendor’s native BI or workflow tools anymore.

Imagine if you wanted to use your data warehouse to analyze trends about churn, but you can’t bring those insights back in your system.

Now, you can simply plug in your own warehouse. In other words, you can BYOW — bring your own warehouse. It’s a capability that is unique in the industry and it’s in early availability to existing Zuora customers.

Image: Automatically connect Zuora data to your existing data warehouse

Do away with ETLs and integrations. Once you connect Zuora to your warehouse, you have a near real-time data pipeline that will flow Zuora data into your warehouse so you can blend big data sets together.

Image: Analyze data and create reports from an easy-to-use dashboard

Whether you’re using the native Zuora Warehouse or your own warehouse, you can get the metrics and insights you need in the places it matters most. Native reporting and simple-to-use UI report building gives business users access to the reports they need daily.

Surface insights using AI

To make Zuora Warehouse accessible to more people across the business, we’ve democratized access to these insights. Zuora AI for Analytics* makes it easy for users to gain insights and create reports — no knowledge of query building is required. Using natural language, users can enter a prompt and Zuora AI for Analytics will identify the right data query, compile the data, and even render the appropriate chart type.

Image: Use natural language and generative AI generate queries and analytics

*Zuora AI for Analytics will be available from the Analytics Dashboard later this year.

Image: Zuora AI for Analytics will automatically render the appropriate chart type for the data


As part of our Central Platform, Zuora Warehouse is in early availability to existing customers, BYOW for Snowflake is available now, and additional BYOW warehouse plugins along with Zuora AI for Analytics will be available later this year.

Learn more about how Zuora Warehouse can help you bring together data across your IT ecosystem, have a 360 degree view of your customer, and spot macro trends.


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