The 9 Keys

A foundational blueprint for building and scaling a subscription-based business

Price. Find your sweet spot.

Dynamically adjusting pricing and packaging is the surest way to attract and retain customers, and multiply the value of your relationships.

Acquire. Go get ‘em.

Boost subscription rates with tools like flexible pricing, promotions, integrated quoting and multi-channel commerce.

Bill. Easy.


Subscriptions mean more invoices and more payments. Automatically generate fast, accurate
bills and deliver them online.

Collect. Get Paid.


Collect payments instantly through automated and manual channels, while maximizing completed transactions and minimizing write-offs.

Nurture. Build beautiful relationships.

Keep your customers engaged and happy. Seamlessly manage rapidly changing upgrades, conversions, renewals and other orders.

Account. Measure everything. Twice.

Zuora plugs straight into your accounting software and General Ledger. Register subscription transactions and process deferred revenue with ease.

Measure. No paper, no worries.

Analytics make forecasting, accounting close and audits a breeze. Plus, it gives you the right insight into your subscribers, so you can make smarter decisions.

Iterate. Try something new every day.


Subscriptions can involve complex customer relationships. Zuora lets you iterate and test what’s working with just a couple of clicks.

Scale. Get growing.


Zuora is built on a secure, scalable technology infrastructure. So wherever you start out, we’ll
keep the system running as you grow.

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