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Zuora lets telecom providers launch new services fast

As devices and cloud services from the likes of Apple, Google, Netflix and Skype are seizing market share, telecom providers need to create satisfying, memorable subscription experiences to keep their customers. Communications leaders around the world are turning to Zuora to help them do it.

How can Zuora help you create the new telecom experience?

Create subscribers for life

Success in telecoms today hinges on earning customer loyalty in the long run. The clearest way to do that is to deliver content and services targeted toward your subscriber's preferences, and to do it through a process that's consistently and refreshingly simple. And the smartest way to create all of that is with Zuora.

Be the only (sensible) game in town

The first step is to acquire new subscribers. It's tough in an industry beset by contract lock-ins, generic product delivery and endless customer service frustrations. A new way of looking at pricing and packaging can help. Zuora lets you dynamically price to adapt to market changes. You can also provide flexible bundles to offer customers exactly what they're looking for.

Get growing

Succeeding in the new game depends on retaining and monetizing customers over the long term. Adaptively learning your subscriber's preferences over time will help you. Zuora gives you a complete look at each subscriber, from their interests and purchase history to usage metrics and lifetime value. Plus it integrates with your sales channels and CRM to help you leverage up-sells and cross-sells to build subscriber loyalty.

Adapt—all the time

Zuora gives you and your customers a simple, unified interface for modifying subscriptions. It lets you manage customer interactions across every channel: on the web, in your call center, at your storefront, and through your sales reps and partners. You can also sell new services, create quotes and orders, process upgrades or downgrades, and manage customer renewals.

Do it globally

Zuora lets customers use any currency, any payment method and any portal. We'll even handle the taxes for you—locally and abroad.

Use a unified system

Zuora integrates with your entire ecosystem of your commerce, CMS, CRM, ERP and accounting platforms for painless customer management, revenue recognition and accounting close.

Bring your subscription business under one roof

Built for product marketers, finance professionals, and commerce masterminds

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