Consumers are in control

Recurring relationships. Recurring high fives.

From big box retailers to niche startups, B2C companies are pivoting to meet new consumer demands. Customers want personalized experiences. That means ongoing, customized services, immediate fulfillment, real-time responses, memorable interactions, and most importantly, continuous value. This is exactly what makes subscriptions so awesome. Subscription models help companies delight their subscribers by offering choice, ease-of-use, and flexible subscription relationships. Zuora was hand-built for the subscription experience. It comes loaded with features to help transform your business from end-to-end. High fives all around.


Bend over backwards for your customers

Target each subscriber’s preferences by offering a range of plans and consumption models for them to choose from. Create unique offerings to acquire customers and edge out the competition.

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Get a fresh look at your subscribers

Bring divergent sources of consumer data into one dashboard to get a complete view of each subscriber across channels and touchpoints. Capture preferences, interactions, and transactions to create rich customer profiles. The insights will help you provide consistent customer service and promote personalized content that targets subscribers’ interests.

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Give consumers the control they demand

Consumers want control of the products and services they buy. With Zuora, your subscribers can choose how they buy, then receive accurate, automated invoices. They can pay with any method and access content across every device. And making changes is easy. Self-service account management lets subscribers take care of their own upgrades, add-ons, suspensions and downgrades.

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Integrate with everything

Zuora integrates with your entire ecosystem of your commerce, CMS, CRM, ERP and accounting platforms for painless customer management, revenue recognition and accounting close. So you can create memorable customer experiences at every turn.

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Use a system that grows with you

As you grow, your business will become more complex. Product catalogue, tiered pricing plans, usage based models, credits, discounts, promotions, higher transaction volumes, global expansion—it all starts to seem overwhelming. But with Zuora, it isn’t. Whether you’re processing 500 transactions a month or 500 million, Zuora will keep working as you scale.

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Bring your subscription business under one roof

Built for product marketers, finance professionals, and commerce masterminds

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