SAP, Welcome to the Subscription Economy

By Tien Tzuo, CEO           The WSJ reported this week that SAP will start to sell its core and most popular Business Suite product line via a subscription model. “It’s very, very clear that a cloud offering as a subscription is what customers want,” said Steve Lucas, SAP’s president of platform […]

Five Reasons Why Online Learning Rocks

As the popularity of online learning continues to grow the innovators in the field will continue to build new, refined models for educating online. It leaves one asking, just what is it about the digital format that makes it such an attractive choice?

Marc Diouane’s Z-Vision for Subscription Success

by Marc Diouane EVP, Global Field Operations, Zuora   Today I’m thrilled to officially join the Zuora team and am incredibly fortunate to be a part of a company that is transforming the way companies do business. The world is shifting to new consumption models and in response, companies are re-inventing their entire business models […]

Join the Direct Debit Debate

Elizabeth Glover EMEA Marketing   One of the greatest things about working for Zuora is the opportunity to work with, and learn from, our customers, who – as the protagonists of the Subscription Economy – are forever pushing the boundaries of their respective industries. This is most apparent at our user groups, where our customers network […]

Is Amazon Prime Pulling a Netflix?

Joe Andrews Sr. Director, Marketing   At first glance, Amazon’s price increase seems like a repeat of Netflix’ disaster a few years ago – remember, Netflix raised their prices and faced a ton of backlash while seeing a significant drop in # of subscribers and in short term stock price.   In the Subscription Economy, […]

The role of the CFO is changing: are you ready?

The face of business and the job of the CFO are shifting as subscriptions are replacing the traditional product sales models. As a finance professional, if you haven’t already participated in the shift to subscription, you will soon.

The 9 Keys to Subscription Success

In the 9 Keys to Subscription Success, Zuora has built a composite view of what it takes to build and run a successful subscription business.

Happy New Year from Zuora

During 2013 we saw companies of all sizes and industries embrace new recurring revenue strategies as more subscription industries emerged. That’s why we want to take a moment to look back on some of the interesting and noteworthy Subscription Economy stories of 2013.

Letter from our CEO: The World Subscribed is a Brave New World

By Tien Tzuo, CEO Six years ago, we introduced an exciting new vision of a world subscribed. A vision where all of us are no longer buying products, but instead subscribing to services to meet our every day needs. Fast forward six years, our customers are leading a disruptive transformation in global commerce. The services […]

Cable: Make People Happy. It’s Not Too Late.

By Kevin Harris, Marketing   It’s been a while since I flipped on GSN, TruTV, CMT, QVC, Oxygen, VH1, or HGTV. In fact, I’m not sure if I’ve ever watched any of these channels, let alone dozens of others my cable company provides. So, if I’m never watching them, why should I have to pay […]