Moving to a World Subscribed – New Survey Shows Changing Patterns in Consumption and Delivery

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Joe Andrews

Sr. Director, Marketing


Today we’re announcing the results of a global study on changing patterns of consumption and delivery in partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). 

Zuora has clearly been bullish on the Subscription Economy for a long time. With this study, we wanted to further quantify it in a structured way and share the key insights with other business leaders to help them embark on this journey.



A quick snapshot of the survey results (or see this infographic for a visual display):

  • Four out of every five businesses see changes in how their customers access goods and services.

  • The consumer benefits are reduced transaction costs, more convenient use of goods and services and the ease at which you can upgrade or downgrade services.

  • For businesses shifting to these new models of delivery, the expected benefits are new revenue opportunities, competitive differentiation, and increased customer loyalty.

  • Over half of businesses are integrating new pricing and delivery models such as subscriptions, sharing and rental goods and services, rather than selling products on a one-time basis.

  • Of those, subscription-based models have emerged as the primary means to do so, with 40% of these companies implementing subscription services as part of their core business.

  • There are high expectations for revenue growth, with 84% anticipating that revenue from these new delivery models will increase over the next two years.


For six years Zuora has focused on a clear vision: “The World Subscribed.” We believe in our core that every business will become a subscription business. There is strong momentum as we kick off Subscribed in London today, with attendees coming from across Europe to engage in a vibrant dialogue about making this transformation. Last week we had the privilege of hosting close to 1,000 people at Subscribed in San Francisco.



Today, there is no doubt the Subscription Economy is growing. The EIU study will be insightful for everyone who is in the process of making this journey.


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