Letter from our CEO: The World Subscribed is a Brave New World

Tien-tzuo1By Tien Tzuo, CEO

Six years ago, we introduced an exciting new vision of a world subscribed. A vision where all of us are no longer buying products, but instead subscribing to services to meet our every day needs. Fast forward six years, our customers are leading a disruptive transformation in global commerce. The services they’re launching in the Subcription Economy reflect where the world of innovation is going.

Our customers are the true drivers of the Subscription Econonomy. Giants like IBM, Dell, News Corp and Tata Communications are already reigniting growth as subscription businesses and continuously outpacing competitors. And young companies that were born in the cloud — like Box, Docusign and Zendesk — are flexing their innovative muscle to emerge as industry leaders in this new business model.

That’s why we’re really excited today to announce that Zuora has raised $50 million in new funding from a premier list of investors like Next World Capital, Vulcan Capital, and Northgate Capital, as well as all our existing investors, to further empower subscription innovation.

The World Subscribed is a brave new world.  New rules are being written every day on how to grow Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 9.40.01 PM successful businesses and transform billion dollar industries.  But now the Subscription Economy has $50
million dollars more of fuel, which we are dedicated to direct towards building new tools, practices and communities that enable you, our customers, as well as every company to be successful in the subscription economy.


We look forward to seeing you at Subscribed 2013 in a few weeks, where we will be launching an exciting new framework for subscription success and sharing it with the world. Insight into real customer experiences motivated us to develop a new model focusing on the key capabilities every business must employ to be a successful subscription business.


We are proud to empower the Subscription Economy, but we aren’t doing it alone. We have been lucky enough to work with some of the most innovative companies in the world. Thanks to our customers and partners, we are poised today to help even more companies around the world achieve success.

The world is subscribing like never before, and our number one priority is to see you succeed.

Looking forward to continuing this journey together.


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