The Rise of the Subscription Economy Index

Frequent visitors to this space know we’ve been quite chatty on the upward trending subscription business model, and the impact of that sector growth on revenue management in general and the need to process high volumes of transactions. Our partners at Zuora have recently launched a Subscription Economy Index, tracking revenue growth of subscription businesses, […]

New CAAS (Chai-as-a-Service) Platform from Mumbai

The traditional Indian tea stall, an age-old cultural symbol, has taken a small but important step in the Subscription Economy. Mumbai-based Chotu Chai Wala allows offices in the business district of Bandra to subscribe to daily tea deliveries from their favorite local chai stands. Created by Zepo in a local ecommerce development platform, Chotu Chai […]

The Greatest Sales Deck Ever?

Andy Raskin helps companies develop strategic narratives. He’s worked with dozens of teams backed by Andreessen Horowitz, First Round Capital, GV, and other top venture firms. He’s also a big fan of the Zuora sales deck — on a recent Medium post he calls it the best he’s ever seen. You can download the deck in […]

Tien Tzuo on The CEO Show: Identity Versus Inventory

Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo recently sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Robert Reiss of the CEO Show, a nationally syndicated radio show focusing on today’s business leaders. Read the entire article here.  What is the first thing a business owner should think about when they ask: “How can my business utilize and take advantage of the Subscription […]

Lawyers Could Learn From Dollar Shave Club’s Disruptive Model

By Daniel Fisher, Forbes Staff Dollar Shave Club was just bought by Unilever for $1 billion. That’s a mighty big number for a five-year old start-up. But the real story is how a start-up could disrupt an industry not by improving the product or service but by altering its delivery structure and pricing. Short form […]

High Volume Demands High Performance

Let’s say your company has an estimated $10M in annual revenue with $2 dollars-a-month in subscription revenue. In this scenario, consider the annual subscriptions and billing and just how many transactions are required to reach that sum. Your revenue recognition management system must process each of those transactions one by one, and fast. No small […]

Subscribed Keynote Address: The Eighty Trillion Dollar Jump Ball  

Watch the full video of our Subscribed 16 Keynote address or read on for a summary. A century ago, the world was facing the dawn of a new commercial era. Previously, you would visit your local grocer or your local baker, and get a personalized service from someone that you knew. But a new concept […]

Zuora Ignites Subscription Economy In Japan

Today we announced another vital step in Zuora’s international expansion designed to ignite the emerging Subscription Economy in Japan. The new Zuora office in Japan will be led by Country ManagerJunichiro Kuwano, a veteran of Kyriba and Oracle. Eiji Uda, a Special Advisor to and a member of the advisory board of DocuSign, will […]

What’s Ascent to Ten Billion Means for The Subscription Economy Cloud Computing is going to become the first pure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company to achieve a recurring revenue run rate of $10 billion dollars. And when that happens, it won’t just be a success for the SaaS model but for the entire economy. Subscriptions are the future. The global economy is making a vast, systemic […]