The 9 Keys to Subscription Success

The 9 Keys to Subscription Success

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Joe Andrews

Sr. Director, Marketing


If you joined us for Zuora’s Subscribed conference in the Fall (view the replay here), you learned about a new framework called the ‘9 Keys to Subscription Success’. Today we published a slideshare and a whitepaper to help people better understand and use the 9 Keys to transform their businesses in the Subscription Economy. This paper is the first in a series that will go deeper into each key area.


The shift to the Subscription Economy is happening across all industries and geographies (see this recent global study by the Economist Intelligence Unit). Yet, it’s not easy for businesses to operationalize the changes that are required to get a handle on their recurring revenue management. How you price, sell, bill, collect payments and account for your subscription service is significantly more complex than in the traditional product world.


As a result, there’s a hunger for new ideas for how to drive growth. Many companies have already realized that a business model built on recurring revenues is a better way to run their business and that traditional approaches to running a business do not ensure success.  Yet, as business leaders shift their business model to subscriptions, they are searching for knowledge and practical guidance on how to do it.


Many subscription businesses have turned to Zuora and its partners seeking a blueprint to guide their success – common questions asked include:

  • “How do I price effectively?”
  • “What is the best way to launch a new service?”
  • “How do I reduce the number of failed credit card transactions?”
  • “What are the metrics I need to understand and grow my subscription-based business?”
  • “How do I account for multiyear contracts?”
  • “How do I reduce churn?”
  • “Do I build or buy a system to reliably support my business growth?”


In the 9 Keys to Subscription Success, Zuora has built a composite view of what it takes to build and run a successful subscription business. Distilling down our thousands of conversations with subscription businesses over the past 6 years clearly showed that there are 9 core things that all subscription businesses are trying to do to drive success. These 9 key principles serve as a foundational blueprint for building and scaling a subscription-based business.


Learn more by reading the whitepaper today.  And keep a look out for the upcoming series of papers that will dive deeper into each one of these keys. Please share your comments. We’d love to hear what you think.


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