The essential non-GAAP metrics you won't find in any ERP

Get key subscription metrics in real time

In the world of accounting operations, month-end close times are paramount and getting the right metrics in a timely manner is the hardest part. The Subscription Metrics Engine allows you to get your key orders, billings, cash, and revenue metrics at any point in time while surfacing them where you need it most.


Monthly Recurring Revenue

Measures sales and cash flow dynamics with the amount paid monthly for a subscription and predicts future monthly revenue


Total Contracted Billing

Tracks billed versus unbilled revenue and ensures your order management processes are primed for the new ASC 606 / IFRS 15 revenue standards


Total Contracted Value

Measures the value a customer has committed to you so you can plan expenditures and manage the growth of your business

Subscription Metrics Engine Text
Subscription Metrics Engine

Keep track of all your financial transactions in a central place

Manually sifting through and reconciling varying data sources to find the financial transactions you need is never a fun task and always error prone. With the Subscription Metrics Engine you can comprehensively track any data point on any object managed by Zuora and surface it in a centralized source.

Easily query across millions of transactions

Zuora Central comes with out-of-the-box reporting capabilities to help you intuitively find the transactions you need to complete your accounting close process in an accurate and timely manner.

Pre-Built Report Library

40 best-practice subscription reports for your billings, bookings, cash, and revenue metrics

Report Scheduling & Sharing

Automate report runs and share them with your colleagues in-app or via email

Intuitive Report Builder

Easily drag and drop fields to dynamically customize your reports