Compliant global operations made possible

Running a global business and keeping up with compliance do not have to be mutually exclusive. It is possible to meet regulatory requirements, adhere to corporate policies, and mitigate risk.

Remove Risk

Let go of anxiety and uncertainty with tools to enforce controls and audit your business globally.
Zuora customers are often juggling the unique requirements of many different locales, entities, and regulations. Zuora’s tools for security, compliance, architecture, and global business management help your business remain compliant across all your markets, so that you can do modern business globally. 

Security & compliance

Minimize the work IT needs to do to enforce controls.
  • Ditch multiple login management fatigue and reduce headaches with Zuora OneID.
  • Streamline hours of data collection work to prove compliance using Audit Trail.
  • Leverage security options for granular environment permissions and data residency requirements.

Global business management

Run your globally distributed businesses while being mindful of role & location based access controls and organizational roll up procedures.
  • Leverage location based access controls to geofence sensitive data.
  • Support local and system currencies for transacting and reporting.

IT Architecture

Peace of mind comes with knowing Zuora is built on a world-class infrastructure focused on extensibility, efficiency, security, and performance.

  • Global support for Global enterprises with Data Centers all over the world and resource scaling on demand.
  • “Follow the Sun” operations and support to ensure continuous service delivery and monitoring.
  • Enterprise Grade Security Practices and Regular Audits to meet the highest security standards for many globally trusted standards: PCI DSS, HHS HIPAA, SOC 1, 2, and 3 and more.
  • Dedicated engineering team to continually improve cloud operations across all metrics.
Zuora’s commitment to scalability and performance is underpinned by the ZCloud team which is a dedicated group of engineers focused on constantly increasing Zuora’s capacity across all metrics. From record counts to concurrent API calls, to batch processes and workflow runs, this team works to stay ahead of our customers’ growth so you never worry about outgrowing your Revenue Operations solutions.

Easily connect, scale, and deploy alongside the wider monetization systems architecture.

Deploy Faster

Monitor mission critical activity and accelerate deployments for new product launches, new geographic expansions, and iterative changes.

Connect Everything

Eradicate silos and dead-end processes with tools to easily integrate systems so critical data gets where it needs to go.

Transact More

Tear down obstacles in the way of commerce, with tools to provide frustration-free experiences even at peak volumes.

Know Now

Stay ahead of the curve with reporting and analytics tools to understand today’s landscape and project tomorrow’s.

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