Unlock Growth And Revenue With Zuora Central Sandbox

What if we told you that your environment strategy won’t be a bottleneck anymore?

Check out this on-demand recording to learn how Zuora Central Sandbox enables you that next level of agility to take on initiatives critical to your subscription business.

In this recording you’ll hear from Kenta Tomura, Sr. Customer Strategist, Caleb Saunders, Sr. Customer Success Architect, Dan Ciruli, VP Product Management of Zuora Central Platform, and Zuora customer Emad Issa, Business Process Leader at Absorb Software, as they discuss the following topics:

  • Agile DevOps as a competitive advantage for greater growth and profit
  • Zuora Central Sandbox overview how it benefits different roles in your organization
  • How an optimized Zuora environment strategy has enabled a Zuora customer to accelerate top-line and bottom-line business initiatives

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Caleb Saunders

Customer Architect

Emad Issa

Business Process Leader,

Daniel Ciruli

VP Product Management

Kenta Tomura

Product GTM GM, Customers

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