Whether it’s recurring, by usage, prorated, or in-arrears – with Zuora, it’s automated.

Recurring billing

Speed up billing operations without losing attention to detail. Group customers together and set up automated billing schedules and rules for each group.

Prorations and calculations

Every time a customer upgrades, downgrades, or changes a subscription, billing is impacted. Zuora automatically handles these prorations and calculations so you don't become a bottleneck.

Real-time tax

Using Zuora's tax engine or integrate with a 3rd party tax solution to pull real-time tax calculations for every invoice.

Send a clean, clear, and accurate invoice - every time

Your customers need to know how they’re being billed. An accurate and easy to understand invoice means less calls to the support center and happier customers. Use a wide range of invoice template capabilities such as grouping, subtotals, and conditional logic to design and configure invoice templates in Zuora.

Learn how to scale billing operations

Support any pricing strategy with Zuora's billing engine

Give yourself the flexibility to price however you want.

  • Bill customers monthly, quarterly, annually, or any other period of time
  • Start a subscription when a service is provisioned, when a customer signs-up, or at any other milestone
  • Rate usage in real-time or after a certain period
  • Align billing dates according to the start of the subscription, the customer’s choice, or a host of additional attributes
7 Billing Mistakes to Avoid

Bill for complex account hierarchies without breaking a sweat

A company with 50 offices usually doesn’t want to receive 50 separate bills. No matter how complex a company’s account hierarchy, in Zuora you can roll-up recurring billing, invoice ownership, invoice transfers, and even payment terms to match a customer’s billing preferences.

Learn why Zuora is a subscription billing leader