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Zuora is the only monetization platform proven to accelerate SaaS startups on their path to IPO and beyond.

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Do More with Less. Startups support explosive growth with the same functionality that has made Zuora the market leader for over a decade. Monetize anything. Delight your customers. Trust your data.

Automate Financial Operations

Efficient growth is the new north star. Automated subscription billing is key to SaaS success. Take the guesswork out of complex midterm changes, shrink the time to close, allocate revenue, and use Zuora’s real-time metrics to wow the board.

Unlock Unlimited
Pricing Flexibility

Innovate your monetization strategy and launch new pricing strategies without a heavy lift. Usage based, prepaid drawdown, billing in arrears; Zuora has yet to meet a pricing model we can’t support. Avoid SKU proliferation and support complex deals out of the box.

Scale Your Sales Teams

PLG, assisted-sales, and enterprise; to compete upmarket, startups must rapidly grow sales teams while standardizing deals. Zuora’s native CPQ guarantees consistency. Streamlining all customers into a unified monetization platform delivers metrics that matter and a foundation for long-term success.

Why Zuora for Startups?

Easy to Evaluate

A dedicated and accessible startup team, a cohort community, Zuora thought leadership, and a trial experience for qualified evaluators.

Simple Startup Pricing

The market-leading monetization platform delivers the functionality you need when you need it. Accessible pricing grows with you.

Quick to Implement

Monetization is complicated. Your customers demand accurate & timely invoices, and you can’t afford to make mistakes in finance. Zuora implementation experts will get you up and running quickly.
We partnered with Zuora to help scale up our growth strategy. We love their codeless product catalog which gives us the agility to package and go-to-market with a robust set of compliance offerings.
– Shrav Mehta
Founder and CEO at Secureframe
Being able to have a robust subscription billing system that allowed us to consolidate all of the customer’s products & subscriptions into one invoice and one unified experience for them was a big driver for us to move to Zuora. ”
– Mason Miles
Director of Finance Systems, Carta
Zoom has experienced triple-digit YoY revenue growth* over the past several years. We needed a solution that could help us scale our entire business operations and deliver a personalized experience to our valued customers. Zuora has proven to be a trusted partner and a true system of record for our subscription-based business.”
– Kelly Steckelberg
CFO, Zoom *Stated growth from 2018
There is a lot of work on the front and back end of a renewal to retain customers. Zuora’s Workflow Builder helps us maximize subscription revenue and keep our customers informed and educated.”
– Ben Seeman
Credit and Collections Manager at Motive

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