Gateway Billing

Recurring billing has become an integral part in many Subscription businesses, which brings in the importance of payment gateways for recurring billing. In order to adapt to the multiple payment methods existing, businesses have begun to find efficient gateway billing infrastructures adaptable to their business models.

A company with 50 offices usually doesn't want to receive 50 separate bills. But in what ways can a business streamline their payments? No matter how complex a company's network of billing relationships are, Zuora will help create a payment gateway for recurring billing to aid your company. Use Zuora's global payment solution to:

  • Store payment profiles
  • Manage retry logic
  • Set up personalized recurring payment notifications
  • Keep a track of credits, recurring payments details, and refunds

Zuora's payment gateways for recurring billing can work with any type of payment from Paypal, credit cards, tokenized transactions and even ACH. Use a variety of reliable payment gateway providers through Zuora to help support your global payments.

Find out more about different global recurring payment strategies.

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