Q4 Quarterly Customer Update

What’s New in Zuora

October 19 (NOAM) & October 26 (EMEA)

Q4 Quarterly Customer Update

What’s New
in Zuora

We are your hosts for Zuora’s Quarterly Customer Update. This is the show for Zuora customers like you who want to learn more about what’s new and what’s coming in Zuora.

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Deploy Faster with New Admin Tools and Developer Sandbox

Learn how Zuora is helping you effectively manage your Zuora solutions end-to-end with tools for Application Lifecycle Management. From Zuora OneID for a single user login to Developer Sandbox for a lightweight environment to build in, Zuora is putting tools in your hands to make it easier to take care of your Zuora application. We also shared enhancements with the UI including Global Search, a brand new User Interface, and a sneak peek of the no code Configurable UI Builder currently in development.

From quote-to-cash to revenue recognition, we’ve got you covered.

Zuora provides the leading cloud-based subscription management solution. Our platform is designed for agile, recurring subscription business models and acts as an intelligent subscription management hub that automates and orchestrates the entire quote-to-revenue process: quotes, orders, invoices, payments, collections, and revenue recognition.

What’s New: Q4

Watch and learn more about the latest features in Zuora


Connect Everything & Transact More

As the heart of your monetization processes, Zuora must be connected to all the systems that play a part in Order to Revenue. With new API Quickstarts, Software Developer Kits (SDKs), and a Configurable Connector Hub supporting our iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) strategy, Zuora’s helping you Connect Everything with less effort than ever before so that you can Transact More with a Performance Boost.


Know Now with Enhanced Reporting Options

Reporting is a constant priority for our customers, and we’re always looking for ways to provide new options. This year, we are working on enhancements that will give you access to data in near real time, at great volumes, and with some metrics already calculated for you. Zuora Warehouse will provide more processing power, new analytics tables, and direct connections to the database to simplify data refreshes in tools you already work in.


Reduce Risk with Support for Global Business Management Compliance

Global monetization operations can be hard to manage while meeting regulatory and internal policy requirements. Zuora is working on a way to ease some of the burden with support for an organizational structure hierarchy that factors in security and financial compliance practices without needing to deploy separate tenants by region.


What's New In the Wild: Customer Spotlight with Twilio

Hear from our customer Twilio as Senior Financial Systems Manager John Blanchard shares how they are already making use of some of the capabilities featured in earlier episodes of What’s New!

What's New: Q3

What’s New: Q3

Watch and learn more about the latest features in Zuora


Overview of Zephr: The Subscription Experience Platform

Learn more about the latest addition to our product portfolio that empowers companies across industries to nurture and monetize their subscriber relationships.


CPQ for Salesforce & Microsoft

Accelerate sales velocity with new releases in Zuora CPQ for Salesforce and Microsoft.


Zuora Platform &
Sandbox Updates

Manage your application lifecycle with new System Health Dashboards, APIs, and Sandboxes including the new Developer Sandbox.


New Service Offerings

Build up your team with new Service Offerings such as Zuora Technical Account Managers and Managed Services.
What's New: Q2

What’s New: Q2

Watch and learn more about the latest features in Zuora


Snowflake Secure Share

Zuora’s Snowflake Secure Share eliminates tedious development and brings your Zuora data into Snowflake. Learn how this modeule can enable your team to BYOBI (Bring Your Own BI) for cross-system metrics and eliminate ongoing integration maintenance.


Performance Booster

For high-volume companies, Performance Booster keeps transactions flowing smoothly within Zuora even as volumes spike. Learn how this module can optimize your bill runs, payment runs, and API requests within Zuora.



ProcessAI lets you identify, prioritize, and prevent process gaps within your quote-to-cash operations. Learn how Zuora enables organizations to create an Operations Center of Excellence with automated process discovery tools powered by ProcessAI.


Central Sandbox and Deployment Manager

With Zuora’s Central Sandbox and newly released Deployment Manager, your IT team can greatly improve testing agility for new products, new configurations, and new processes. 

Q3 Quarterly Customer Update

What’s New in Zuora

Join our product leaders this October for the latest quarterly update on new innovations in Zuora in this 90 minute virtual event.
October 19 (NOAM) & October 26 (EMEA)

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