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Order to Revenue
April 7, 2020

Automate revenue recognition with the only Order to Revenue suite built for subscriptions

Revenue is how businesses are ultimately measured but revenue recognition in a subscription business can quickly overwhelm you with transaction complexity, regulatory requirements, and the need for business agility.  If your finance teams are attempting to manage this with a manual, labor-intensive process, you’ll be putting your business at risk of inaccuracies and limiting the visibility needed to drive growth effectively.   


Order to Revenue is The Subscription Economy’s best practice and Zuora is the only provider with an automated revenue recognition solution.  Revenue is your leading metric that all offices of the CFO and CAO want to understand, track and report on — to share with your executives, investors and Wall Street. 

“Zuora set to build on its Central Platform and take the subscription economy to the next level.”

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April 7, 2020

Zuora Revenue

The Only Automated Revenue Recognition Solution for Subscription Businesses

Your modern finance team will win in The Subscription Economy when you can:

Manage Transactional Complexity

Continuous subscription revenue recognition enables subscription businesses to achieve a faster quarter close. By uniting billing and revenue processes, revenue recognition can be automated along every step of the subscription OTR process.

Minimize Risk

Regulatory process automation for ASC 606, IFRS 15, Standalone Selling Price (SSP), and performance obligations under GAAP, enables companies to accurately manage revenue recognition under new standards to significantly reduce accounting staff workloads, reduce the risk of accounting and billing errors to shorten the close process.

Enable Business Growth

Forecast faster with real-time subscription data collection. With complete revenue waterfalls daily, teams can collaborate more efficiently using this data to advise on better upstream processes such as pricing and billing strategies.

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