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28th SEPTEMBER, 2017
Tobacco Dock, Tobacco Quay, Wapping Ln, London E1W 2SF
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Founder & CEO, Zuora


SVP of Products, Zuora


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Network with other members of the Subscription Economy ecosystem, both formally and informally, to build a local community that gets you thinking about your products, services, and entire business in a different way.

Explore what’s next for the Subscription Economy & modern business today with an inspiring keynote from Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo and some of our most innovative customers and thought leaders

Get practical advice on how to grow your subscription business & stay competitive, from the tools to help you nurture the relationship with your customers whilst taking advantage of the monetisation opportunities of your product without compromising either; to the frameworks, metrics and reference architectures that will power your business transformation.

Learn how to get the most strategic value from Zuora at our Learner’s Lounge and User Summit. Get the blueprint and understanding you need to align the solution to your business needs.

Subscribed is the only global conference dedicated to recurring revenue-based business models, bringing together the disruptors, innovators and leaders of the Subscription Economy to share war stories, inspire successes and learn from one anothers' shared experiences.

Here's the Agenda

8:00 – 9:30

Registration & Breakfast

Pick up your badge and start engaging with other Subscription Economy thought leaders.

8:30 – 9:25

Breakfast Panel: Diversity in Tech

The answer to the “diversity in tech” issue might surprisingly lie in technology itself. Learn from our inspiring speakers: Terry Tomecek (Solutions Director, RBI), Alvina Antar (Zuora) , Toby Burton (Head of Finance, The Economist & Chairman, Royal Association for Deaf People), Nick Barnett (Strategy Senior Manager & Executive Sponsor of the LGBT network), Accenture) & Gloria Baeuerlein (Partner, Index Ventures).

09:30 – 11:15

Opening Keynote

Learn what’s next for the Subscription Economy and how Zuora can get you there with an inspiring keynote from Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo, Reed Business Information’s CTO, Mark Wilmhurst, Caterpillar’s Director of Innovation & Digital, Tom Bucklar, and the CEO & CO-Founder of MortgageGym, John Ingram.

12:30 – 13:30

Networking Lunch

Mingle over lunch, meet our Subscription Economy partner community, & tour the Subscribed Showcase for the latest industry innovations.

11:30 – 15:30*

Breakout Sessions

Get practical advice on how to grow your subscription business and stay competitive with deep-dive breakout sessions across five tracks. *Note that the breakouts start at 11.30 and will break for lunch.

Track: Monetisation & the Modern Customer

One of the most difficult challenges of the subscription business model is nurturing customer relationships while taking full advantage of the monetisation opportunities of your product.


11.40 – 12.30 Using Data to Craft the Perfect Subscription Experience

Learn best practices for collecting, ingesting, querying and analysing subscription data to design services for all stages of the subscriber life cycle. With Rachel English, Director of Customer Experience, Zuora.

13.30 – 14.30 Pricing & Packaging Strategies for the Subscription Economy

Learn pricing and packaging strategies, from freemiums to premiums, directly from the experts at Simon Kucher. With Mark Billige, Managing Partner, Simon Kucher.

14.30 – 15.30 Panel: The Modern Customer 

Hear first-hand from Hive, Surfair, Trivago and The Telegraph as they share their experiences, tips and advice on building and monetising sticky subscriber experiences.

Track: Company Transformation in the Subscription Economy

Are your legacy systems and processes holding you back? Join this track and learn about the business and platform strategies you need today to stay relevant in tomorrow’s Subscription Economy.


11.40 – 12.30 Digital Transformation 101

The words ‘Digital Transformation’ can be used to describe many of our customers’ shift to the Subscription Economy, but what do they really mean? Join Hugo Pinto Campos, Managing Director at Accenture, Martin Whitlock, CTO at Telenor Connexion and Zuora CIO, Alvina Antar, as they demystify these buzz words.

13.30 – 15.30 True Stories of Transformation: Ideas, Architectures and Change

When does a proof of concept become a viable product? Should you approach your transformation with a big bang or incrementally? How do you motivate your IT team? We explore all these questions, reference architectures, and best practices with some of our customers and partners. With Pierre-Yves Noel, Director Subscription Models at Alcatel-Lucent, Paul Cunningham (CMO) and Simon Minett (Head of Global Operations) at Unify and Zuora CIO, Alvina Antar.

Track: Subscription Finance

If you are laser-focused on compliance, revenue recognition and IFRS 15, or have questions about sales compensation or fraud, then join Zuora CFO, Tyler Sloat, and our finance partners for this interactive track of sessions on all things finance.


11.40 – 12.30 Demystifying Revenue Recognition and IFRS 15

The clock is ticking for the new IFRS 15 revenue recognition rules so we’ve assembled a group of thought leaders to help guide you to the deadline. Join Deloitte, RevPro, and Zuora to learn how these new rules will affect your subscription business.

13.40 – 15.30 The Subscription CFO Roundup

Join your peers from the subscription finance community – Zuora CFO Tyler Sloat and industry thought leaders from Xactly and JP Morgan will discuss benchmarking metrics, managing sales compensation, how to reduce the friction in the payments cycle, and more. Tyler will also share highlights from the CFO Summit held in Silicon Valley earlier this year…

Track: The Subscription Ecosystem

Running subscription businesses can be challenging. Thankfully Zuora’s rich ecosystem can help you solve them! In this track, we take an in-depth look at some of the challenges with our partners from Worldpay, Avalara, and GoCardless.

11.40 – 12.30 Payment evolution in the Subscription Economy, with GoCardless

Find out how the payment landscape has evolved alongside the subscription economy, how new disruptors are collecting payments and what you should be thinking about when forming your payments strategy. From traditional businesses adopting new models to new entrants exceeding customer expectations, discover how payments can transform your customer acquisition and retention both domestically and globally. 

13.30 – 14.20 Innovation in digital services and the future of payments, with Worldpay

By 2020, five billion people will be online with 25 billion devices and machines using the internet. All types of devices and machines will share data and services – from smart street lighting to connected cars. The way we engage with machines and devices will fundamentally change. It might seem like an unknown entity but the opportunity is real. Is your business ready? Join us to find out how the Internet of Things will become part of your customers’ lives, and the complexities businesses will need to address.

14.30 – 15.20 Subscriptions and international taxes including Hive’s US launch case study, with Avalara

Join Avalara and Hive as they share the story of how they navigated the complexities of international taxation in the Subscription Economy together during the Hive launch in the US.

Track: Zuora User Summit

Zuora’s inaugural User Summit has been designed with a two-fold agenda – Offer an opportunity to our community of users to learn from our product experts, and build a network of Subscription Economy peers. This track will deliver advanced training for Zuora product experts and users on topics chosen by you!

11.40 – 12.30 The Zuora Business Use Case: Getting Strategic Value from Zuora Over Time

As your business needs shift and evolve, you’ll need to determine how Zuora can support these shifting demands. To do this, you need a deep understanding of the product, and the ability to connect it to business priorities and initiatives. This session focuses on how to extract strategic value from Zuora to align with your shifting business needs.

13.30 – 14.20 Prevent Subscriber Churn with Zuora Reporting & Insights

What’s the right way to measure churn? Which customers are most at risk? What can you do about it? Join this session to see how Zuora Insights helps you predict churn, measure churn rate, find subscriber segments most likely to churn, and trigger relevant and timely customer engagement that prevents churn.

14.30 – 15.20 Leveraging Connect Apps to Support Pricing and Growth

Do you use Zuora to steer your company’s growth strategies? If so, don’t miss this session reviewing all of the the most useful Zuora Connect apps for your role, including Promo Codes, Price Books, and Customer Catalog.

3:45 – 5:00

Product Keynote, with Hive

Join Tom Krackeler, Zuora’s SVP of Products for some exciting announcements about Zuora’s product roadmap. He will be joined by Jo Cox, Commercial Director at Centrica, to discuss how Zuora is powering their Hive subscription offering.

5:00 – 6:30

Closing Reception

Round out your Subscribed experience with a closing reception complete with entertainment, chilled drinks, and great conversation.



Thank you for registering, see you there!

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