Zuora & Deloitte Digital:

Retail Report on Subscription Business

A bright future for retail subscriptions


About this report

Consumers are increasingly adopting retail subscriptions around the world, and research from Zuora and Deloitte Digital shows the trend is expected to grow: 37% of consumers worldwide have at least one active retail subscription, and this is expected to reach 53% of consumers by 2025. Specific sectors of retail are expected to lead this surge, including Electronics, Grocery, and Beauty & Cosmetics.

The research surveyed 12,500 consumers in 12 countries across the U.S., Europe and Australia, to analyze current and future retail subscription rates, behaviors and factors impacting the adoption of retail subscription services.

Highlights include:

  • Current and expected levels of retail subscription adoption across various retail segments
  • Consumer motivations when subscribing to services from retailers
  • Consumer behaviors and expectations tied to retail subscriptions, such as price, delivery cadence and preferred type of subscription model
  • Preferred retail subscription models
  • Analysis by country and retail segment

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