Keys to a Successful Product Launch

Join Thync and Zuora for a webinar!

It’s likely that your company is ready to launch an exciting new product or service this year. Product launches, if done right, can lead to a growth trifecta of attracting new subscribers, increasing the value of your existing customers, and preventing customers from churning. However, a successful launch is just as much about how your teams manage operations as it is about what you are launching.

Join Jason Egnal, VP of Digital Marketing and Commercial Operations at Thync, a radical new mood-altering wearable technology, as we chat about how the company was able to quickly go to market with a new offering by meeting key operational requirements.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Create multiple revenue streams via varied pricing strategies
  • Address your entire market through multiple sales channels
  • Achieve scale with flexible billing and payment options
  • Implement the correct ecosystem of scalable applications to support your launch and your future growth

Register now! Whether you work in Marketing, Finance, Operations, IT or are simply interested in the secret to a successful product launch, this webinar is for you.

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Enjoy the webinar

Enjoy the webinar