Why startups should consider CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

Why startups should consider CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) In today’s tech world, Modern Business has taken center stage, with a focus on evolving how the world does business in ways that are better for people, companies, and the planet. This school of thought is centered around subscription-based business models, which require a different approach to […]

Celebrating the new Chennai office with ZEO Azhar

Zuora opened a new office in Chennai this past month and we couldn’t be more excited! Our India team plays a critical role in advancing our technology and innovation. Having grown 3X in India last year, we’re looking forward to welcoming more new ZEOs to our new office and across the region to help us […]

Supporting Nonprofits through our Sustainability Subscribed Program

We believe businesses can and should be a force for good and Zuora’s success is directly linked to our communities. Before we went public back in 2017, we took the 1% Pledge and committed to give back 1% of our equity and employee time to our communities. Later in 2019, we launched Zuora.org, which is […]

Create a Winning Good Better Best Pricing Strategy

While pricing and packaging is one of the most powerful mechanisms to capture new customers, it is also the area that requires the most significant change in mindset. To help, we have developed a 3D Pricing and Packaging (P&P) Framework, embedded in real life examples, specific guidance, and benchmarks.

ZEO Wellness Days: An Opportunity to Recharge

ZEOs all over the world are able to take advantage of Zuora’s global Wellness Days, which are paid days off, eight times a year. These days create space for our authentic selves to show up, recharge, and explore in ways that are as unique as each ZEO. It’s inspiring to see the many different ways […]

Opt-in Confirmation

Zuora Confirmation Confirm Email Subscription You’re Subscribed! Thank you for opting in to receive periodic emails from Zuora. We’re committed to keeping your data private and secure. To learn more about our data privacy policy click here or contact support@zuora.com for more information. What’s New in Zuora Did you miss our latest product update? Do […]

Three days. 420 kilometers. Fifteen ZEOs propelled with pedals and perseverance.

Beginning at our Zuora office in London and ending at the Paris office, 15 ZEOs undertook the challenge to bicycle 420km or 260 miles from London to Paris from August 31-September 2. This charity ride was in support of the UN Refugee Agency, an organization that is currently helping the more than 3 million refugees forced […]