Super Retainers: Early Lessons for Uncertain Times Ahead…

Authors: Jonathan Brown, Senior Director, Customer Strategy and Harshad Shrikhande, Senior Data Scientist at Zuora Everyday it seems like more and more economists are predicting a recession for 2023. Such a prospect is causing many subscription businesses to focus their limited resources on driving net retention as a strategy to “weather the storm”. But, as […]

Turning the Subscription Economy into the Sustainability Economy

By: Tom Krackeler, Chief Customer Officer at Zuora Corporate sustainability initiatives have shifted from a “nice to have” to a necessity. As people hold companies accountable to higher standards, and reflect this in their purchasing habits, businesses around the world are increasingly focused on how to do better for the planet. Certain companies, including some […]

Beyond the launch

Launching a new offering is all about speed to launch and the agility to iterate. Setting your launch up for success from the start is just as much about the initial launch as it is having the go to market, organizational, and systems in place to prepare for the unknown and support future growth.