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Configure a deal fit for the enterprise on a dime

Subscription businesses today are shifting from configuring a product to configuring a deal. Deals are a mixed bag of different charge models, contract durations, billing frequencies plus more. With Zuora CPQ, you can easily guide your sales reps through the most complex deal arrangements, fast

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Configure on One Screen

Quote for a new subscription, extend the terms & conditions of the contract, transfer ownership, cancel and more

Multi-Year Arrangements Example

Multi-Year Arrangements

Book complex multi-part deal arrangements over any time period and ramp up any variation of quantity, price, or swap out different products

Rules Engine Example

Rules Engine

Control your quoting experience with fully configurable rules that automatically add, remove, or update your products based on your business needs

Bundling Example


Intuitively group popular features into editions to maximize your deal value

Leverage pricing strategies to maximize customer lifetime value

No two subscribers are the same. Every customer values different features and have different levels of willingness to pay. Maximize the lifetime value of your customers by optimizing your price for their preferences. Zuora CPQ gives you the pricing flexibility to offer your prospects more choice without burdening the finance team

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Mix and Match
Charge Models

Combine any variation of one-time, recurring, or usage based charges to optimize your pricing

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Point-and-Click UI

Easily create new price plans directly in-app without help from IT

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Price in over 180+ currencies around the world without proliferating your product catalog with redundant SKUs

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Product Catalog

Create endless options for monthly, annual, promotional, or discounted price plans per product


Volume upsells, contractual ramps, cross-selling new products are all hot topics in the world of B2B sales. Customers today want your sales reps to be consultative advisors. Zuora CPQ helps your reps find more deals to sell by bringing your customer behavioral data right into Salesforce so your reps know what your customers want before they ask.

Contract Utilization

Monitor how much of the contracted volume each customer has used to find new volume upsell opportunities

Usage Intensity

Measure how heavily each customer is using your product compared to others to find new cross-sell opportunities

Churn Probability

Use machine learning algorithms to tell you a subscriber’s churn probability and decompose the probability into the underlying causes of churn

Engagement Score

Trend each customer’s level of engagement to find opportunities to extend the terms of their contract


Forecast bookings with ease and accuracy

Measuring your sales performance can be tough when you’ve got lots of changes happening to each customer relationship. You want to make sure that an upgrade is properly reflected and doesn’t look like a churn and a new subscription. With Zuora CPQ you can accurately forecast your bookings with ease and in real-time