Zuora and Deloitte Digital: The Shift to Customer-Centric Business Models

Zuora & Deloitte Digital The Shift to Customer-Centric Business Models How Zuora is Shaping the Future of Consumption-Based Pricing and Personalized Experiences for Modern Businesses Download now About this report The subscription business model has revolutionized the way companies interact with their customers. Zuora, the leading monetization platform for modern businesses, has been firmly at […]

Tailor-Made Trust

In this age of empowered consumers, building trust and credibility has never been more critical. In our comprehensive guide, “Tailor-Made Trust: Elevating Brand Reputation Through Tailored Experiences

Beyond the ERP

According to Zuora’s latest survey, 74% of revenue accounting teams perform manual interventions on a daily basis to process transactions. These teams typically rely on a combination of spreadsheets and native ERP capabilities for revenue recognition, which results in never-ending customizations, elevated control risks and increased audit costs.

Personalized Growth Engines

The subscription model has emerged as a powerhouse of modern business, offering convenience, personalization, and a steady stream of revenue. But in the competitive landscape, crafting offers that resonate deeply with your audience is what truly separates the thriving from the merely surviving. That’s why we created “Pers

INMA World Congress Subscriptions Workshop

On Wednesday, May 24, James Henderson, VP GTM Subscriber Experience and Former CEO, Zephr, shared invaluable insights on implementing a super retainer strategy to thrive even in the toughest economic climates.