Weathering the Storm

How subscription publishers are navigating economic instability

In the midst of ongoing economic uncertainty, publishers are confronting various challenges that are impacting their businesses in 2023 and beyond. In collaboration with Toolkits, Zuora has conducted an insightful analysis to explore how leading publishers are adapting their subscription strategies to navigate these turbulent times.

The resulting report, “Weathering the Storm: How Subscription Publishers are Navigating Economic Instability,” delves into the proactive measures undertaken by publishers to ensure ongoing success in the subscription space, despite unstable market conditions. It provides valuable insights on how and why publishers are addressing key aspects such as:

  • Ensuring the needs of their core audiences and subscriber bases remain front and center in their day-to-day operations
  • Prioritizing revenue generation over subscriber growth
  • Taking more considered and strategic approaches to subscriber acquisition
  • Driving subscriber retention with increased flexibility
  • Placing greater emphasis on maintaining relationships with existing subscribers
  • And much moreā€¦

This report is presented in collaboration with Toolkits.

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