SaaS Billing Systems

Zuora Subscription Management Solutions Power SaaS Billing Systems

Cloud services market has grown rapidly across all online businesses, resulting in the need for a highly flexible and scalable infrastructure for efficient deployment. Subscription businesses in the cloud require a flexible and innovative pricing and packaging policy for sustaining and high-growth scaling your business in the competitive, changing market.

Conventional finance tools, like ERP, are not able to scale as the subscription business grows. Zuora shines where ERP fails! Zuora is the first SaaS billing system that has been designed for subscription business needs.

Zuora's SaaS billing platform has been built as an on-demand cloud service, enabling the end-user to have complete control over billing and invoicing.

With Zuora's SaaS billing platform, sales representatives can quote, collect and renew subscriptions rapidly and affordably. Some of the key capabilities that Zuora's SaaS billing platform brings into subscription billing are:

  • Build plan-based catalog and create quotes
  • Gain complete visibility into your customer's products, services, payments and invoices
  • Generate powerful reports based on customer metrics

Zuora SaaS billing enables businesses of all sizes, in different stages of growth to launch new products and pricing options to the market and have a consolidated view of all the data pertaining to revenue on a single platform. Armed with Zuora, you can easily manage complex recurring and usage-based pricing.

To learn more, watch a short video overview of Zuora's Billing System today!

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