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800+ companies use Zuora to create their subscription experience

Box is the mastermind behind secure cloud storage and filesharing.

Box used Zuora to make the big charge into the enterprise market. We brought clarity and simplicity to their subscription commerce operations, and we created a foundation for one incredibly fast scale-up.
Industry: Cloud Infrastructure     Edition: Enterprise
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Dell offers businesses a simpler path to building and managing the cloud.

Zuora has positioned Dell to offer cloud systems at lower cost and with faster implementation time.
Industry: Cloud Infrastructure     Edition: Enterprise
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From cash registers to cell phone swipes, NCR builds smart, intuitive point-of-sale solutions.

Zuora helped NCR launch a new tablet-based Point-of-Sale solution to help it compete with the likes of Square.
Industry: Internet of Things     Edition: Enterprise
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Xplornet is Canada’s first national 4G wireless network.

Zuora powers Xplornet Communications’ quote-to-cash process and has enabled it to rapidly launch new telecommunications offerings.
Industry: Communications     Edition: Enterprise
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