The Goldilocks rule of consumption pricing models

Week 1 – Goldilocks Rules! The chart above shows that the cohort of customers who had 1-25% of their invoiced revenue come from Usage models performed the best, on average, when it came to revenue growth, average revenue per account (ARPA) growth and average monthly churn. It feels like consumption based business models are all […]

Bringing Mindfulness and Meditation to Work with Akanksha

The topic of our ZEOs mental health isn’t one we shy away from, especially in a time where workplaces are increasingly intertwined with our sense of self. One of our commitments to our ZEOs is creating an environment where they feel seen, heard, and understood, but we recognize that individually people tend to this aspect […]

Making a global impact as an early career software engineer

Starting your career is an intense transition. There’s nothing else in life that’s quite like going from expert youth to novice adult, and it’s only getting more complicated as the newest graduates enter the workforce in a post-pandemic world.  At Zuora, we are experts on change and transformation (see: modern business), so we sat down […]

Lessons learned from modern business leaders

The world’s best companies across every major industry use Zuora to nurture and monetize subscriber relationships. And at our recent Subscribed Live event in New York, we got to hear directly from modern business industry leaders who are on the front lines of business growth and innovation in the Subscription Economy.  While they represent companies […]

Zuora Warehouse – Access centralized data and powerful analytics

Author: Shakir Karim, VP, Platform Product Management Our customers are our #1 source of inspiration. And lately, they’ve been challenging us to help them unlock the treasure trove of data that Zuora is sitting on. In addition, they also want the ability to leverage their existing data investments. We’ve been innovating and we have an […]

Power up your subscriber-led growth engine

Author: Chris Scott, VP of Product Management, Subscriber Experience Relationships can be hard. And subscriber relationships are no different. Understanding your subscribers and providing consistent value are the keys to success. But if you aren’t putting forth this kind of effort, how do you know you won’t get dumped? At our recent Subscribed Live event, […]