Power up your subscriber-led growth engine

Author: Chris Scott, VP of Product Management, Subscriber Experience

Relationships can be hard. And subscriber relationships are no different. Understanding your subscribers and providing consistent value are the keys to success. But if you aren’t putting forth this kind of effort, how do you know you won’t get dumped?

At our recent Subscribed Live event, we heard from our partners and Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo about the ways in which modern businesses like GoPro, iRobot, and the New York Times are nurturing subscriber relationships by making it easier for customers to engage with their products. By learning about each subscriber, making targeted offers, and rapidly optimizing through experimentation they create a flywheel that drives customer lifetime value (CLV). We call this perpetual motion machine subscriber-led growth (SLG).

Modern businesses across multiple industries want to unlock a complete SLG strategy, but with no solution on the market, most haven’t had the tools or tech to make it happen — until now.

Watch now: Experience the world’s first subscriber-led growth engine

Introducing the world’s first subscriber-led growth engine

Zephr was originally built for media publishers and there are many global brands using it today. But now, we’ve expanded Zephr for all industries, opening up SLG for SaaS, gaming, automotive, and all other subscription businesses.

And while current users won’t see any changes in the features they’ve come to know and love, our new

Dynamic Offers module adds capabilities that were the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Zephr is now the world’s first SLG engine, enabling your business to deeply understand your customers, rapidly experiment with subscriber journeys, and create targeted offers that drive CLV.

Deeply understand your customer

Use Zephr’s deep understanding of subscriber history, usage, preferences, and behaviors to create more targeted offers. Filter users by differentiators, such as device type (left), and immediately rollout the offer to customers (right).

Image: Use a rules builder to differentiate offers by device type (left) and roll them out to customers near real time (right)

Enrich your understanding of each subscriber with first-party user data and identity management, then capture additional data at the right time with free trial sign-ups and multi-step journeys.

Image: Use a rules builder and analytics to create targeted discount offers (left) and roll them out to customers near real time (right)

Seamlessly connect with your existing CRM, data or analytics tools with Zephr’s ecosystem extensions. Activate this data throughout your tech stack to build long lasting relationships with tailored subscription offers that provide instant value.

Rapidly experiment with subscriber journeys

Use a low-code rules builder to rapidly experiment with dynamic subscription journeys without depending on technical teams. Reduce time to market from months to minutes with Zephr’s drag and drop Rules Builder and 50+ decision points.

Image: Use a drag-and-drop rules builder to curate offers (left) and roll them out to customers near real time (right)

With split testing, you can build and test subscription strategies that resonate with your subscriber segments. Iterate on experiences and manage split testing without any reliance on technical teams.

Image: Use split testing (left) and extend offers to customers near real time (right)

Create targeted offers that drive customer lifetime value

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional pricing strategies. Activate your pricing strategy instantly with Zephr’s Dynamic Offers Module with complex rate plans and price books pulled directly from Zuora Billing.

Image: Use filters to tailor offers (left) and roll them out to customers near real time (right)

Convert freemium subscribers, increase upsells, and reduce churn by experimenting with product bundling, strategic pricing, targeted messaging, and eye-catching imagery. Create offers that resonate with your subscribers, then present them with the right offer at the right time.

Image: Reduce churn with strategic win-back offers (left) and roll them out to the right customers near real time (right)


The better you know your customers, the better you can personalize your product, give customers tips for getting the most value out of their subscriptions, and effectively target customers with complementary offerings. In order to do this, you need a subscriber-led growth engine that enables your business to act on a deep data-driven understanding of each subscriber.

Learn more about how Zephr can help you quickly create and launch the right offer for every user, every time.


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